Instagram’s New #GestureChallenge is Taking Over; Here’s How You Can Do It

Gesture Challenge feat.

Instagram is unquestionably the most trendy social media platform amongst all. When a certain trend goes viral, Instagram remains at the forefront. Currently, the social media platform is getting all high with the new hand gesture challenge in trend.

The #handgesturechallenge or simply #gesturechallenge is taking over Instagram. This online trend originated on TikTok and now it has come over to Instagram to take on the platform.

What is the Hand Gesture Challenge on Instagram?

The hand gesture challenge simply puts a set of hand emojis on the screen in a particular order and all the challenger has to do is mimic the gestures in the correct order. That’s it is often called the Emoji Hand Challenge. Sounds pretty easy, right? WRONG!

The trick of the challenge is to mirror the hand gestures along with the Y2K song – Lalala (ilkan Gunuc Mix). Now, this makes it a “challenge” as changing the hand gestures along with the beats in the correct order is quite tricky.

When I tried it, I failed a minimum of 20 times! However, once you get the hang of it, your brain will automatically do it for you. Check out my final video below and judge me all you want.

How to Get the Hand Gesture Filter?

Now, before you start participating in the challenge, you have to get the necessary filter. So here’s how you can add this filter to your filter library:

  • After opening Instagram, go to the search/explore page from the bottom bar.
  • Search for “i.m.noel” and open his account.Gesture challenge ss 1
  • Tap the face icon in his account.

Gesture challenge 2

  • Look for the “Gesture Challenge” video and open it.

Gesture challenge 3

  • At the bottom right, tap the “Save to Camera” button to add it to your filter library.

Gesture challenge 4

Now, this challenge is quite a time killer amidst these tough times of lockdown and social distancing. So, if you want to pass your time sitting at home, this is a pretty cool way to do it. You just need a bit of practice and you’re golden. Go on and give it try. I #gesturechallenge you!

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