Here’s How You Can Enable Dark Theme on WhatsApp Web Right Away

how to enable whatsapp web dark mode

Love dark theme over the light one? Well, most of us do and we were thankful to see WhatsApp introduce dark mode on its mobile app earlier this year. The company has reported to be working on dark mode for its web app over the past couple of months. Though the company is yet to officially roll out the dark theme for WhatsApp Web, a workaround for enabling the same has surfaced online.

The workaround was first reported by a WABetaInfo reader and shared by the tipster online earlier this week. So, if you want to access dark theme on WhatsApp Web right away, simply follow the steps below:

How to Enable Dark Mode on WhatsApp Web

1. Navigate to in a browser window and scan the ‘QR code’ via the WhatsApp Web to log into the messaging app.

whatsapp web dark 00

2. Right-click anywhere outside the messaging window and select the ‘Inspect Element’ option to see the website code pop-up on your screen.

Here’s How You Can Enable Dark Theme on WhatsApp Web Right Away

3. Here search for the <body class=”web”> string. This is where you will need to make a minor change to get the dark theme.

Here’s How You Can Enable Dark Theme on WhatsApp Web Right Away

4. Double click on “web” to start editing the code, change the text to “web dark”, and hit enter to see the new light theme magically turn dark.

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The dark theme for WhatsApp Web is not a pure black AMOLED dark theme. Instead, it’s the same dark green/ gray theme that we find on Android devices. It does not look shabby but it isn’t the best dark theme implementation either.

whatsapp web dark theme

Now, one important thing that you’ll need to remember with this method is that the change is not permanent. The dark theme won’t be applied to WhatsApp Web for life using this method. It will go away the moment you refresh that browser window. You will need to follow the aforementioned steps once again to enable it. It’s only a quick workaround to getting the dark theme on WhatsApp Web before it is officially rolled out in the coming weeks.

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