How To Drive More Traffic From Pinterest

How To Drive More Traffic From Pinterest

Pinterest holds huge potential of driving traffic to the websites and it has proved it in January by driving more referral traffic than Twitter which is among top 10 most visited websites.

If you are wondering how Pinterest referred such a huge amount of traffic, see our earlier post here.

Now, our job is to tell you how to get maximum out of Pinterest. Here are some important points that you need to keep in mind before pinning,

1.  As we know, Pinterest is all about describing things with pictures only, so why not offer pictures that grab more attention.

For example, If i have post titled, “Google April Fool’s Day Pranks From 2000-2011”

I can use a simple Google’s logo as an image for this post but will it be able to grab the attention ? It won’t.

On the other hand if i use the image like this,

How To Drive More Traffic From Pinterest

It’s gonna work and people will repin it, like it and land on my blog too.

2.  If possible add Humor to the image to be Pinned, but it should not divert from the subject, otherwise it would negatively affect your reputation.

Now, why Humor?

Because, Humor is the only content that everyone wants to share before it gets older and hence chances of Repins and likes increases.

3.  Pinterest is the only social media sharing website where it doesn’t matter how many followers you have because your Pin is visible to everyone using Pinterest.

So, rather than concentrating on increasing followers it is better to concenterate on repins, likes and comments on your Pins.

4.  Here comes the Boards, Categorize your boards intelligently.

For example if you have a post about Facebook, its better to have to two boards one with name Facebook and other with name lets say, Social Media and it gives you right to pin the same stuff twice without looking stupid or desperate.

Also, Don’t just Pin the same content on two boards at the same time, keep few hours delay.

If you will Pin keeping above tips in mind, you will see the difference. Happy Pinning !


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