How to Stop Spam Messages on Android

In Short
  • Since Google Messages comes as the default messaging app for almost all Android devices, you can use some features within the app to stop spam messages.
  • To enable Spam protection, go to Google Messages > profile icon > Messages settings > Spam protection > Enable spam protection.
  • You can also block individual businesses and report them as spam or turn off RCS chat entirely.

Spam messages are not only annoying to deal with, but they also clog your message inbox within the app. It is not easy to deal with them so in this article, we will discuss a couple of ways on how you can stop spam messages or at least, get less of them on your Android smartphone. On that note, let’s get started.

Method 1: Enable Spam Protection in Google Messages

Google Messages is the default text messaging app on most Android smartphones these days, no matter whichever brand you get the device from. The app features a built-in feature to protect you from spam messages. Here is how you can enable it to block spam texts on your device.

  1. Launch Google Messages and tap on the profile icon at the top right.
  2. Go to Messages settings > Spam protection.
  3. Turn on the Enable spam protection toggle.
Enable Spam Protection Android

Method 2: Turn Off RCS in Google Messages

RCS (Rich Communication Services) is used by Google Messages as a standard, and having it enabled gives you access to some exciting features within the app. But it also lets businesses send you spam messages. If you are tired of such spam from the app, then turn RCS off using these steps.

  1. Open Google Messages and tap on your profile icon at the top right.
  2. Select Messages settings from the overflow menu.
  3. Go to RCS chats and disable the Turn on RCS chats toggle.
Turn Off RCS Chats Google Messages

Turning off RCS chats will also disable features like read receipts, typing indicator, animated emojis and more. Turn it off only if you don’t use the service frequently.

Method 3: Report Individual Spam Messages

In case there is a particular business that keeps dropping annoying promotional texts in your inbox, then you can directly report it as spam and block the number. Here is how you can do it.

  1. In Google Messages, head over to the spam message that you have received.
  2. Tap on the 3-dots icon at the top right.
  3. Select Block and report spam.
  4. Check the Report spam box and tap on OK.
Block and Report Spam Messages

With these ways, you can for sure minimize the amount of spam messages that you get on Android. Besides that, we would also recommend you to refrain from using apps like Truecaller and avoid giving your phone number for signing in to apps and services. I hope you found this guide useful and if you have any queries then let us know in the comments.

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