How to Set Up Instant Replay on NVIDIA GeForce Experience

Earlier known as ShadowPlay, this has always been one of the most talked about features of NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience software. Instant Replay lets users capture some of their greatest gaming moments by constantly recording up to the last 20 minutes of their on-screen time. Well, what’s unique about this feature is the fact that only those 20 minutes are recorded and everything else is removed from your system while it’s constantly recording. This helps a lot in conserving storage space. Once you’re in those intense moments, where you get to totally own your opponents, keeping Instant Replay turned on will help you share them with your friends, so that they get to see everything as well. This works only if you have an NVIDIA graphics card which is GeForce GTX 650 or newer. So, if you’re having an older model or an AMD graphics card, you’ll unfortunately not be able to take advantage of this feature. Well, if you’re interested in trying this feature out, let’s take a look at how to set up Instant Replay on NVIDIA GeForce Experience:

Setting Up Instant Replay on NVIDIA GeForce Experience

Note: I tried this feature on my laptop which packs an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card. So, if you’re having a GeForce GTX 650 or newer graphics card, you should be good to try this out.

First of all, you need to download and install NVIDIA GeForce Experience software, and update your graphics drivers to the latest version. Once you’re done, simply follow the steps below to get this done without any hassle:

  • You will be able to bring up the GeForce Experience Share overlay by using “Alt + Z” keyboard shortcut. Now, you need to go to Settings by clicking on the gear icon.

How to Set Up Instant Replay on NVIDIA GeForce Experience

  • Now, scroll down to the last option and click on “Privacy control”.

How to Set Up Instant Replay on NVIDIA GeForce Experience

  • Once done, choose “Yes” to enable Privacy control for GeForce Experience. By enabling this, you let GeForce Experience to capture your desktop for Instant Replay, Record, Broadcase and Screenshot. If you didn’t complete this step, you won’t be able to enable Instant Replay at all.

How to Set Up Instant Replay on NVIDIA GeForce Experience

  • Once everything’s done, go back to the main menu of the GeForce Experience Share overlay, and click on Instant Replay -> Turn on, in order to start using this feature right away.

How to Set Up Instant Replay on NVIDIA GeForce Experience

Using Instant Replay on NVIDIA GeForce Experience

Well, now that you’ve enabled Instant Replay, let’s check out how to properly use this feature. You can leave it enabled as long as you want, but depending on the storage space that’s available on your PC, you might need to tweak some settings before you actually start using it. So, simply follow the steps below to avoid confusion:

  • Open up the GeForce Experience Share overlay by clicking “Alt + Z”, and then go to “Customize” under Instant Replay.

How to Set Up Instant Replay on NVIDIA GeForce Experience

  • In the next menu, you’ll notice that there are multiple options that you can fiddle around with. Here, you’ll be able to customize the Replay length, video quality, resolution and even frame rate. Once you’ve selected the required options based on your preferences and system hardware, you can click “Save” in order to store you Instant Replay configuration.

How to Set Up Instant Replay on NVIDIA GeForce Experience

  • If you want to save the footage that you recorded using Instant Replay, just open up the GeForce Experience Share overlay and head over to the Instant Replay section. Simply click on “Save” to store the video on your computer. The default directory used by GeForce Experience to store all your videos is “C:\Users\<Username>\Videos.

How to Set Up Instant Replay on NVIDIA GeForce Experience

You can also choose to upload the Instant Replay footage directly to YouTube and Facebook, without even having to save it. Now, how easier can that be? Well, that’s pretty much all you need to do, in order to properly set up and use the Instant Replay feature on the NVIDIA GeForce Experience software.

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Ready to Try Instant Replay?

Without doubt, Instant Replay is possibly the easiest way to record all your most crucial moments in gaming. This feature works exceptionally well, especially when you don’t have enough time to wait for the right moment, and then manually Start/Stop recording the part what you actually need. That being said, it’s worth noting that the performance impact on your games, as a result of using this feature is totally dependent on your computer hardware. In most scenarios, it’s not significant at all. So, we have no gripe on that regard. Well, what do you guys think about the Instant Replay feature? Are you ready to try it out? Do let us know by shooting your valuable opinions in the comments section down below.

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  • Noam Asheri says:

    When i save it its saving only the time after i pressed it. like Record. Please help me fix it

  • Anthony Magallanes says:

    For mine whenever I try to replay something it will only record what im doing and after and doesnt go back at all, how long does it go back for?

  • Danny Le says:

    So whenever I save an instant replay, it only saves whatever window is being used at the time. For example, I want to save the last 5 minutes of something that was on my computer, but I had just opened up a game. It will save the last 3 seconds of that game instead of saving the whole 5 minutes of everything that happened into one video. How do I get it to just save the entirety of that 5 minutes regardless what what window’s up at the time?

    • Khairuddin says:

      Under Settings > Privacy Control, enable Desktop Capture.

  • AJ says:

    Im pretty sure you turn it on and once it’s on whenever you want a clip you hit save and it saves the last five minutes of content to your device.

  • Zachary Smith says:

    this didnt answer much. does turning on instant replay just enable the action to be able to replay? Or does that actually start the instant replay? if that actually starts it, by selecting turn on, does that record the last 5 minutes? or does it start recording from that point on? you make it sound like it starts recroding from the second you turn on to the second you turn off. but thats just recording, not a replay. im more confused reading this article than i was before.

    • Mel Renouf says:

      It records for five minutes and to save that 5 minutes (or less, you can save after any length of time during that 5 mins) hit alt+F10. At the end of the 5 mins if you have not saved it will auto delete that replay recording (so as to not clog your system with numerous 5 min clips) then start another 5 min recording. It will continually loop like this for as long as it is turned on. to turn the feature off hit alt+shift+F10 . If you have saved at say 2 mins then it stops that 5 min period of replay recording and starts another 5 mins. So the answer is, yes this is a Replay feature but one that is continually looping in 5 minute sessions. It is worth noting here that if after 5 mins you suddenly think “oh man that bit of game play is worth saving” and you have been playing your game for 5 mins 40 seconds then when you hit save (alt+F10) you would have only saved the last 40 seconds “Damn” I hear you say. If you think you may want longer replays just bring up the overlay (alt+z) click the cog to open settings scroll to Video capture on the settings list and there you can set the Instant Replay length via a slide bar up to 20 minutes (anything more than 20 mins you need to use Record, don’t forget to turn it on. Again nothing you record will be saved unless you do so). I hope this is clearer for you. Have fun.

      • Iam_Dunn says:

        Hello, I know this is old and you have (probably) already figured out that you are misunderstanding the way that it captures game play. Once “Instant Replay” is enabled it is constantly recording in the background. When you hit Alt+F10 it will save the last TOTAL 5 mins in one file THEN start a new recording. If you hit Alt+F10 2 mins into the new recording, it will only save those 2 mins AND start a new recording. Personally I set my recording time to the max of 20 mins, then if I hit Alt+z and Save, (or yes u can just hit Alt+F10, but I never remember it) I will get the last 20 mins of gameplay, that I can then edit to my needs. Happy Gaming Gamers!!

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