How to Schedule Instagram Posts From Your PC or Phone

Social media has become an integral part of any business or brand’s plans. Be it a small business or a large one, companies use social media platforms to market their services or products, get more customers and even get feedback. While the likes of Facebook, Twitter etc. have always been considered as major social media platforms, if you ask us, Instagram too has joined the ranks. Various companies are using the popular photo sharing app to attract and connect to more potential customers. However, if you really want to make your company’s presence felt on Instagram, you should be able to schedule posts on the platform. Unlike Twitter and Facebook, Instagram does not officially offer anything to schedule or manage business or brand accounts. Well, the good news is, you can easily schedule posts on Instagram with some very capable third party tools:

Note: Various popular social media management tools like Hootsuite, Later, ViralTag, Buffer etc. let you schedule posts on Instagram but they don’t post on behalf of you. Rather, they notify you to post from your smartphone. Thus, we are only including tools that post automatically to your Instagram account without bothering you.

1. Schedugram

Schedugram is a highly feature rich tool that lets you schedule Instagram posts with ease and unlike many other tools, you can just schedule a post on Instagram and it will post it for you without bothering you. You can simply upload your photos or videos that you want to schedule on Instagram in the Schedugram web tool and post them or schedule them for anytime in the future. It also supports bulk posts and you can even save posts as drafts. On the editing front, the web tool lets you crop, add filters or text and rotate images. Also, the tool features integration with Canva, so you can design some pretty cool campaigns too. Moreover, there’s support for multiple users and multiple accounts, so you can let multiple people handle a brand or business account.


Schedugram offers a free trial of 7 days, after which you will have to get a monthly subscription starting at $20/month. The subscription also depends on the number of accounts you are using and the number of followers you have, so yes the tool is pricey but it makes up with its plethora of features.

Check out the tool here

2. Onlypult

We like Onlypult because of the fact that it not only lets you schedule Instagram posts, it also lets you keep a track of how well your posts are doing through its Analytics feature. You can check out the coverage, growth of subscribers, best time to post, most popular hashtags and more. Other than that, it lets you easily schedule photos or videos and you can have weekly post plans for months ahead with the Planner feature. The tool works like a charm, you can upload photos or videos from your computer or URL, crop it, add filters and then, select the date & time you want to post it while adding caption, hashtags, geotags or even emojis. Moreover, the tool lets you create multiple posts at once and lets you delete a post automatically after a certain time, if that’s a thing you want.


Other than that, OnlyPult brings support for multiple users, multiple accounts (up to 40) and lets you keep track of your competition or people that you follow. You can check out OnlyPult in a free trial of 7 days, after which you will have to get a monthly subscription starting at $12/month.

Check out the tool here

3. Grum

Grum is another much loved tool that lets you schedule Instagram posts. While the tool is still budding with new features, it’s already a pretty capable offering. It lets you schedule photos and videos to Instagram to the week ahead and you can crop, add emojis, hastags or geotags with ease. It too supports multiple accounts and multiple users and it lets you post a photo or video to multiple accounts, which is very convenient. While Grum lacks features like filters, the developers are working with Adobe to bring you editing features, so we are sure they’ll be good.


Grum offers a trial period of 3 days, after which you will have to pay a monthly subscription fee starting at $9.95/month for 2 accounts. If you use more accounts, the price should lessen down.

Check out the tool here

4. might be a fairly new tool but it’s no slouch when it comes to scheduling posts on Instagram. Plus, it offers mobile apps for Android and iOS. The app lets you pick an image from your computer, then you can easily crop it, apply filters and schedule it to any date you want. The tool also lets you delete posts after a set time, which comes in handy when you don’t want your older campaigns to populate your profile. As with most other tools on this list, it supports multiple accounts as well as multiple users. Moreover, it even lets you add your Pinterest and Twitter accounts, so that you can share your Instagram posts here as well.

If you have a small or budding Instagram account with less than thousand followers and you only want to schedule one post a day, you will be able to use for free. If not, you can try for free for 7 days, after which you will have to pay for a subscription starting at $4.99/month.

Check out the tool here
Install: Android, iOS

5. Crowdfire

If you are looking for mobile apps to go with the web tool to schedule Instagram posts, Crowdfire is your solution. The Crowdfire tool or app lets you manage both your Instagram and Twitter accounts, so you can use it to manage both the social networks on the go. It lets you schedule posts and also offers hashtag recommendation to make sure your posts reach more people. While the app or web tool lacks any editing features, it makes up with features like whitelist or blacklist, which is the list of people you never want to follow or unfollow, respectively. It also lets you know about people you followed that did not follow back and recent followers & unfollowers.

Crowdfire app

Overall, we feel this is a tool aimed at more personal use. However, you can add multiple Instagram and Twitter accounts, plus there is multi-user support. Sadly, the multiple accounts and multi-users feature is limited to paid accounts starting at $9.99/month.

Check out the tool here
Install: Android, iOS

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Ready to schedule photos & videos on Instagram?

While there are a number of other tools that let you schedule posts on Instagram, we like the aforementioned ones the best because of a simple fact that they bring an ease of use not available with others. Also, as we mentioned at the top, these tools post on Instagram without bothering you. So, try out these tools to schedule your photos and videos on Instagram and do let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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