How to Remove Gems from Weapons & Gear in Diablo 4

Gems are necessary items you will find as drops in Diablo 4. While you might think you can ignore them and run around completing all the dungeons, chances are that you have found items that require them. After all, gems help in improving your builds. However, there might be certain times when you run short of them, and there is a piece of gear that you don’t use with a gem. In that case, you need to know how to remove gems from your weapon and gear in Diablo 4. So, let’s learn how it works.

Fortunately, the game allows you to remove gems from existing gear, and there are two different ways to go about it. In this article, we go over both of these methods so you can always have gems handy when in need.

How to Remove Gems in Diablo 4

Method 1: Visit the Jeweler to Remove Gems

Diablo 4 has a jeweler taking care of all your gem socketing needs. Much like Diablo 3, the process works similarly and requires you to visit the jeweler to socket gems into gear and weapons. Similarly, if you want to yank out a gem from your gear, they are the go-to person in the game. To remove a gem from your item, follow the steps below:

  • Visit any location in the game that has a jeweler. Kyovashad is the best place to visit, partly because chances are that you will visit this place frequently. At Kyovashad, locate the jeweler. Refer to the image below.
How to Remove Gems from Weapons & Gear in Diablo 4
  • Once at the jeweler, interact with them and select the “Unsocket” option.
  • After selecting unsocket, you will be equipped with a pair of pliers.
  • Now, click on any gem-socketed item. This will remove the gem from your gear in Diablo 4 and put it back in your inventory to reuse.
How to Remove Gems from Weapons & Gear in Diablo 4

Method 2: Salvage Items to Get Back Gems

Let’s say you have a whole chest full of old items you want to remove for space. Chances are, some of those items also have gems socketed in them. In that case, you can salvage those items in Diablo 4 as an alternative way to unsocket gems off your gears. However, be mindful that this is not a preferred and is only an alternative.

  • Visit the blacksmith at any major location in Diablo 4. We have a comprehensive guide on how to salvage gears at the blacksmith, so consider reading through it.
  • At the blacksmith, salvage the gear with a gem socketed in them. This will provide you with materials from the gear and the gem in your inventory.

Why Do You Put Gems In Diablo 4 Gears

Now the obvious question some people might have in their mind is why use gears with a gem socketed in them? The simple answer to this is that gems provide additional stats to gears. These stats are different for each piece of them. Jewelry receives resistance against elemental attacks, weapons gain damage buffs, and armors receive additional protections. Depending on which gem you inlay in your gear, the stats change to your benefit.

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