How to Make Potion of Poison in Minecraft

Minecraft survival worlds can be dangerous territory if we aren’t prepared. Add to it the possibility of fighting multiple mobs at the same time, and your adventure will quickly turn into a nightmare. Players that aren’t quick enough in such sticky situations will cease to survive. Well, that’s where the Potion of Poison comes in handy. With the ability to harm multiple mobs at one time, it’s a great solution for unexpected and chaotic fights. Both Minecraft Bedrock and Java Edition players can brew this potion using the same recipe. Since most in-game mobs spawn during the night, you should also make Potion of Night Vision for extra support. With that said, let’s see how to make a Potion of Poison in Minecraft.

Make Potion of Poison in Minecraft (2021)

Potion of Poison is one of the many negative potions in the game. It can harm and even kill other players and in-game mobs. But it can harm you too, so we will focus on how to use it properly towards the end of the tutorial.

What is a Potion of Poison in Minecraft?

As you can guess, this potion gives a poison effect to the mobs and players it is used upon. The victim of this potion suffers slow but continuous damage. It might not be able to kill a player at full health, but it can certainly make them highly vulnerable. You can also increase its strength and level by adding glowstone to the Potion of Poison.

However, irrespective of its level, you can easily cure the effects of the Poison Potion by drinking a bucket of milk in the game. A bucket of milk can also come in handy if a witch uses this common potion on you. Among all the negative potions, Potion of Poison is the easiest one to create and use. So let’s see what we require to make this potion in the game.

Items You Require to Make Potion of Poison

You will need the following items to brew a Potion of Poison in Minecraft:

  • Spider Eye
  • Awkward Potion
  • Brewing Stand
  • Blaze Powder

To make things easier for you, we already have a tutorial in place to make a Brewing Stand in Minecraft. It’s the key equipment you need to make all potions in the game. First, you will need it to create an Awkward Potion in Minecraft, a base ingredient required for many primary potions, including Potion of Poison in Minecraft. With these two essentials figured out, let’s see how to obtain the rest of the ingredients for our poison potion in Minecraft.

How to Get Blaze Powder in Minecraft

To make any potion in Minecraft, we require Blaze Powder as one of the main ingredients. It’s the fuel that powers our Brewing Stand. But obtaining it is a slightly risky task. First, you need to make a Nether Portal and use it to reach the Nether dimension. Here, you need to look for a Nether Fortress, which is home to the deadly mob blazes.

Blaze powder recipe

Killing a blaze at times drops a blaze rod in the game. If you place that blaze rod in a Crafting Table in Minecraft, it turns into blaze powder. Make sure to get as much of it as possible so you can use it for your future potion requirements as well.

How to Get Spider Eye in Minecraft

A Spider Eye is the key ingredient for making a Potion of Poison in Minecraft. The easiest way to obtain it is by killing spiders or cave spiders in the game. They have a 33% chance of dropping spider eyes when killed. Though, you should only try attacking them during the daytime as they are not hostile unless attacked then.

Spider (L) and Cave Spider (R) in Minecraft

You can also get spider eyes by killing witches, but the chances of drop are really low. However, you can instead try your luck with desert temples in Minecraft. They have almost the same chance as killing a spider to get you a spider eye. Not to forget, chests usually have more than one spider eye in them.

How to Make Potion of Poison in Minecraft

Once you have all the ingredients, brewing the potion of Poison is easy. You need to follow the following recipe to make Potion of Poison in Minecraft:

1. To begin, open your Brewing Stand and place blaze powder in the fuel cell on the left. The powder will automatically burn itself and start powering the stand.

2. Then, place the Awkward Potion bottles in the bottle cells at the bottom of the stand. You can make three bottles of the Potion of Poison using a single spider eye. Make sure to use the stand to its full potential.

3. In the end, put the spider eye in the middle cell of the Brewing Stand at the top. It will start brewing the Awkward Potion into a Potion of Poison automatically. Within a few seconds, it will be ready to use.

How to Use Potion of Poison in Minecraft

Since the Potion of Poison has negative effects, drinking it is not the best way to use it. However, you can convert it into a splash potion to use on other mobs and players. Here’s how you can make it.

Make Splash Potion of Poison

Splash potion is a throwable version of a regular Potion of Poison. You can use it to attack enemies and players alike. And well, creating it requires brewing the Potion of Poison with some gun powder.

1. To get started, find and kill a creeper before it explodes. They spawn more during the night, but you can also find them during the daytime. They drop gun powder when killed without self-explosion.

2. Place the collected gun powder in your Brewing Stand in the top ingredient cell. If your Brewing Stand is out of fuel, put more blaze powder on the left cell of the stand.

3. Finally, put the bottles of Potion of Poison at the bottom in the Brewing Stand. You don’t have to covert all of them at once because the gun powder is comparatively easy to collect. And after a few seconds, your potion bottles will look bent at the top and turn into splash potions.

How to Improve the Potion of Poison in Minecraft

Many players don’t use the negative potions because, at their base level, they don’t do much damage to the mobs. Not to forget, the potion’s effect wears out quickly too. However, with simple brewing, you can fix both of these issues. Let’s see how.

Increase Duration of Potion of Poison

To increase the duration of any potion, you need to add Redstone dust to it. You can obtain it by breaking Redstone ore blocks that are most commonly found near the bottommost or the Bedrock level of the world. Then, to brew it, put the Redstone dust in the main cell of the Brewing Stand with the potion bottles at the bottom.

Doing so will increase your Potion of Poison’s effects to last for 1 minute and 30 seconds instead of 45 seconds.

Increase Strength of Potion of Poison

Another way to improve your potions is by increasing their strength. You can add glowstone dust to increase the strength, and therefore, the damage your poison potion causes. The easiest way to get glowstone dust is by mining glowstone, quite commonly found in the Nether Dimension.

Once you have it, place the glowstone dust in the main cell of the Brewing Stand with the potion bottles at the bottom. Then, within a few seconds, the poison potion will be upgraded to have more strength. Keep in mind that it doesn’t work on potions that you have already combined with Redstone dust.

Easiest Way to Make Potion of Poison in Minecraft

With that, you are ready to create your own Potion of Poison in Minecraft. It’s useful to not only avoid mobs but also to compete smartly in competitive Minecraft multiplayer. But make sure to practice caution while using it as its effect can be fatal for the user too. Meanwhile, if you don’t want such a damaging potion, you can also choose to avoid mobs by becoming invisible. Our guide on how to make the Potion of Invisibility in Minecraft will help you with that. For players looking for even more powerful boosts, installing Forge in Minecraft to use the best Minecraft Mods might be a better solution. Mods or potions, the choice remains in your hand. But do make sure to share your favorite in the comments section. Happy Brewing!

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