How to Make a Fletching Table in Minecraft

Fletching table in one of the most unique blocks in Minecraft. It looks similar to a crafting table but doesn’t offer any UI. Moreover, it also doubles as one of the best job site blocks in-game. But how exactly do you use a fletching table in Minecraft and does it have any particular function? Let’s uncover the mysterious nature of this block and learn everything you need to know about the fletching table in Minecraft.

We have covered the basics, ingredients, and the crafting process of fletching table in this article. You can use the table below to learn each and everything about this job site block.

What is a Fletching Table

Fletching Table in Minecraft

The fletching table is a non-functional utility block in Minecraft, which also acts as a job site block for villagers. It naturally spawns in villages and allows villagers to get a job of the fletcher. You can use our dedicated guide to learn more about villager jobs in Minecraft. For now, you need to know that fletchers offer some of the best trades in the game. This makes the fletching table a highly useful resource.

However, at the same time, the fletching table is one of the only few job site blocks in the game with no functional use. For example, you can use a brewing stand to brew potions and also as a job site block. But, the fletching table has no alternative purpose. Many Minecraft players suspect that it is because of a heavily postponed combat update. Considering the arrows on the fletching table’s texture, it was supposed to help players craft or improve their arrows.

Items You Need to Make a Fletching Table

You need the following items to make a fletching table in Minecraft:

You can use any type of wooden plank in the crafting recipe of a fletching table. All of them don’t even have to be of the same type of wood. Meanwhile, you can obtain flint by mining gravel blocks. They drop flint around 10% of the time when they are mined.

Minecraft Fletching Table: Crafting Recipe

Follow the steps below to easily craft a fletching table in Minecraft:

1. First, right-click or use secondary action on your crafting table to open it.

crafting table

2. Then, place the flint in the first two cells of the top row of the crafting area. They must be next to each other.

Two flint in crafting area

3. Then, fill the first two cells of the middle and bottommost row with wooden planks. These planks don’t have to be of the same type of wood. With that your fletching table is ready.

Crafting recipe of fletching table

Note: Since this is a two-column recipe, you can use the second and third columns of the crafting area to make a fletching table as well.

With that, you are now ready to make a fletching table in Minecraft. Functional or not, it is useful to get good trade from your villagers. So, while you are at it, you can also set up a villager trading hall to make the most out of your fletching table. Though, you might need to collect a few emeralds initially to get the trades going. For that, our dedicated guide to emeralds in Minecraft will come in handy. Having said that, most discussions about this utility block are still around its functionality. So, what features do you think a fletching table should have? Tell us in the comments section below!

What does a fletching table do in?

As of Minecraft 1.20, the fletching table only converts unemployed villagers into fletchers.

Can mobs spawn on the fletching table?

Much like other solid building blocks in the game, mobs can easily spawn on top of utility blocks like a fletching table.

When will the fletching table get the functionality in Minecraft?

Currently, there is no official timeline or news about the functional aspects of the fletching table. But whenever it drops, we suspect that it will be based around arrows and tipped arrows in Minecraft.

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