How to Connect TikTok to Apple Music on iPhone and iPad

How to Connect TikTok to Apple Music on iPhone and iPad

Aside from the scintillating lip-smashing style what makes a TikTok video fascinating is the background music. So, never fail to mix a more suitable soundtrack while creating a fun-loving clip especially when you are planning to send the social networking platform on a blitzkrieg. Speaking of adding cool sound to your clip, wouldn’t it be better if you could connect TikTok to Apple Music on your iPhone or iPad so that you can access your entire media library right from the video-sharing app? Yeah, that would be great, I guess. If you find it worth trying out, let me walk you through the quick steps!

How to Connect TikTok to Apple Music on iOS

First and foremost, ensure that you are using the latest version of TikTok on your iOS device. As for the process, it’s quite upfront and works from both the video-sharing app and the stock settings app. So, you can choose whichever method seems more convenient for you. At any time, you want to disconnect the app from Apple Music, you can do so without any hassle.

Allow TikTok to Access Apple Music Using In-App Settings

1. Launch TikTok on your device.

2. Now, tap on the profile tab at the bottom.

3. Next, tap on the tiny dots placed horizontally at the top right corner.

4. Next up, scroll down and tap on Accessibility.

5. Up next, tap on Connect to Apple Music. 

6. Now, a popup will appear on the screen saying “TikTok would like to access Apple Music, your music, video activity, and your media library. To select sound from your library, allow us to access your Apple Music.” Tap on OK to confirm.

That’s it! Going forward, you can access your Apple Music right from TikTok’s sound section. Thus, times when you are willing to add some x-factor to your lip-syncing videos, you can use some of your favorite songs to liven up the whole affair.

Allow TikTok to Access Apple Music Library Using Settings App on iOS

Alternatively, you can allow the video-sharing app to access your Apple Music from the Settings app as well.

1. Open the Settings app on your device and select TikTok.

2. Now, toggle on the switch for Media & Apple Music.

Stop TikTok from Accessing Your Apple Music

If you ever wish to stop TikTok from accessing your Apple Music along with the media library, you can disallow it with ease. This time, you will need to use the stock settings app of your device to get it done.

1. Launch the Settings app on your device and select TikTok.

2. Now, turn off the switch for Media & Apple Music.

Connect TikTok to Apple Music With Ease on iOS

So, that’s how you can integrate TikTok with your Apple Music. Despite being entangled into a series of controversies, the video-sharing platform has gained huge popularity among those who like to create and watch short clips. Though it still has plenty of areas to improve, I like its implementation of the parental controls that make a bit safer for kids to use the app. What’s your take on this social networking app? Do share your feedback and also let us know the areas where you want it to get better.


  1. Tried everything. Everything is updated and it doesn’t give the options to connect. Boooooooooooooooooo

  2. Yeah tik tok doesn’t have that option under accessibility and I have media sharing on under settings!!

  3. TT no longer has that option listed under accessibility and neither is in on the settings of the Iphone (current IOS 13.5.1)

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