House of the Dragon: Ser Erryk and Arryk Cargyll Actors

The identical twins Ser Erryk and Arryk, whom we met in House of the Dragon’s pilot season, met their dark fate in Season 2. Despite getting a brief screen time, the Cargyll twin duo has perplexed the fandom. Everyone is curious to learn if the twin brothers are the results of the CGI work or if the duo is portrayed by twin actors. Well, let’s find out who are the actors playing the role of Ser Erryk and Arryk in House of the Dragon.

Who Played Ser Erryk and Arryk in HOTD

Luke and Eliott Titensor
Image Courtesy: IMDb

Elliott Tittensor played Ser Erryk, and Luke Tittensor, the actor’s identical twin brother, played Ser Arryk. So, yes, they are actually twins, and them sharing the screen together was no CGI work.

The twin duo portrayed Carl Gallagher in Shameless. They shared the role for some time, but Luke left the show soon, whereas Elliott continued portraying the fictional character. Later, Luke was seen in Emmerdale in 2003 as Daz Eden.

Since 2003, Luke has worked on several television shows, including The Body Farm and Waterloo Road. Elliott, on the other hand, has been seen in several short films, TV Shows, and lengthy films, including Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece Dunkirk.

Who Are the Cargyll Twins in House of the Dragon

Arryk and Erryk Cargyll from House of the Dragon
Image Courtesy: IMDb

Ser Erryk and Arryk served as the members of Kingsguard during King Viserys I’s reign. Their identical appearance often made it difficult for others to identify them. After King Viserys died of a prolonged illness, Ser Erryk decided to side with Rhaenyra. In contrast, Ser Arryk decided to guard Aegon II. Ser Arryk often had to bear the pain of hearing about his brother’s betrayal from others, including Ser Criston Cole.

After Blood and Cheese murdered Jahaerys Targaryen, Aegon II declared war and terminated Otto Hightower from the position of the King’s hand and appointed Ser Criston Cole instead. So, the new hand instructed Ser Arryk Cargyll to kill Rhaenyra in Dragonstone. He reminded the knight that Erryk Cargyll was one of the guards there, so it wouldn’t be a problem for Arryk to enter.

In the TV Show, we saw Arryk arriving at the Dragonstone in an armor suit, while in the books, the knight of House Cargyll guises as a fisherman before wearing the suit of steel. Besides that, there were several changes made in the twin brother conflict sequence.

For instance, in the books, Arryk comes across Erryk before entering Rhaenyra’s chamber, but in the TV show, we see him directly entering the Queen’s room without catching Erryk’s sight. Furthermore, the battle between the brothers was denser in the books and lasted for one hour, while in HOTD, they kept the fight brief.

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