In Short
  • Hostinger is a popular web hosting company that offers a clean AI website builder to quickly create your online presence.
  • Unlike manual tools, the AI website builder quickly creates your website with a text prompt. You can also customize elements of the website.
  • Moreover, you get Hostinger's fast, secure, and scalable network to host and keep your website online all the time.

Beginners and small businesses who want to launch a website quickly need not learn to code or hire a developer. AI website builders like Hostinger now let you create a website from scratch with just a few clicks. You simply have to enter a description of your brand, what kind of store you want, fonts, color palette, etc., and AI will take care of the rest for you. It’s that easy to launch a website in 2024, and the website creation process has been simplified to cater to all kinds of customers.

Hostinger’s AI Website Builder vs WordPress Manual Hosting

While WordPress offers great flexibility and control over all aspects of the website, it’s also true that you need to have technical expertise to leverage its advantages. The learning curve is steep with WordPress and many users may not understand the requirements or the various optimizations that you need to have in place to launch a website successfully.

On the other hand, AI website builders like Hostinger bring ease of use and customization in a user-friendly interface. Most of the website-related aspects like security, maintenance, and updates are handled by Hostinger itself. You don’t have to worry about keeping your website secure and up-to-date.

Hostinger AI Website Builder: The Future of Web Design and Hosting?

For example, to get started on WordPress, you have to choose a web hosting provider and manually install WordPress on your server. While many hosted solutions, including Hostinger, now offer one-click WordPress installation, it might still be a hassle for a beginner. Next, you have to install an SSL certificate to secure your website, implement a CDN for faster content delivery, confaigure backup in case of security breaches, install necessary plugins, and a lot more.

Basically, before you even launch your website, you have to take care of a plethora of things that you might not be familiar with. I am not even counting website design here, which may require you to hire a web developer. Of course, there are thousands of WordPress themes to choose from, but if you want your website to have a unique aesthetic and brand, you would want to customize all of the elements according to your preference.

In this regard, AI website builders like Hostinger give you full control with just a natural language prompt. From adding AI-generated royalty-free images to adding AI-produced custom texts, you can design your website in no time. Furthermore, all the technical aspects like SSL certificate, SEO settings, analytics, and CDN are handled by Hostinger.

Hostinger AI Website Builder Review

To test Hostinger’s AI website builder, I signed up and created an account for free. In a simple form, it asks you to define your brand name, what kind of website you want, and a detailed description for the AI to create a website according to your preference. Now, click on “Create a website”.

hostinger ai website builder form

The tool started building the website by generating unique content based on my brand’s description, adding AI-generated images, customizing the theme, finding cool fonts, and more.

Within a minute or two, my website was ready. Yep, that easily. How cool is that? Hostinger’s AI website builder understood my description well and indeed created a website with a beige theme and attractive readable fonts. Not to mention, it also created a mobile-optimized website, which is awesome.

  • hostinger ai website builder sample website
  • hostinger ai website builder sample website 2
  • hostinger ai website builder sample website 3
  • hostinger ai website builder mobile mockup

You can now click on each section, drag and drop new elements, and modify and personalize them. You can edit your header and main body, generate new images using AI, add a link to your button, and much more.

You can also add a new section for images, videos, Instagram feeds, social icons, FAQs, testimonials, etc. What I loved is that you can add animations to all elements of your website, making it look top-tier.

customize website using AI on hostinger
Image Courtesy: Hostinger

Hostinger’s AI tool also generates product pages based on your description which you can, of course, edit and customize the page URL, add focus keywords for SEO, create QR codes, and more. You can also manage the store as Hostinger offers an integrated eCommerce platform.

Here, you can set up your online payment provider to collect payment, add shipping information, customize invoices, etc. If you wish to add discount codes, you can do that as well.

hostinger ecommerce platform
Image Courtesy: Hostinger

As for other AI features, you can generate AI pages, blogs, heatmaps, create logos using AI, and more. Overall, from AI-generated images and texts to customization options, you get all of that on Hostinger. You can even embed code if you want that.

Scalability and Security

Hostinger is known for offering excellent uptime, thanks to its data centers all around the world. It also offers built-in CDN to quickly deliver web content based on your location. You get high-speed performance and minimum latency due to cached CDN servers installed closer to your location. Better website speed also helps in ranking on search engines, an added bonus with Hostinger.

As for scalability, Hostinger can meet the demands of growing traffic easily. It has scalable hosting solutions like cloud hosting and VPS hosting to meet client’s needs. As your website grows, you can upgrade your website to handle much larger traffic. This means your business is always online.

hostinger security protection
Image Courtesy: Hostinger

Coming to security, Hostinger also provides a free SSL certificate and the latest cyber security protection. It includes a malware scanner, vulnerability detection, and DDoS protection. Unlike manually hosted solutions, Hostinger frees you from all the hassle of updating and maintaining your website. You also get automatic updates and backups in case of any kind of breach.

What About Website Publishing?

After you are done customizing your website with Hostinger’s AI website builder, you can publish your website by subscribing to its monthly plan. And it gives you a free domain for one year on signing up for any of its annual plans. You can choose domains like .com, .net, .store, .live, .tech, and other TLDs.

hostinger choose domain page
Image Courtesy: Hostinger

With the plan, you get Hostinger’s eCommerce features for up to 500 products. And for eCommerce transactions, Hostinger doesn’t charge any commission. You have 20+ payment methods to choose from, based on your location and currency.

Hostinger also provides 24/7 customer support via live chat in case you want to resolve some issues or scale your website to handle larger traffic.

Hostinger Web Hosting: Plans and Pricing

Hostinger offers its AI website builder with the web hosting solution at an affordable price. Its 12-month Premium plan costs ₹219 per month, and you get a free domain for the first year. After that, the plan renews at ₹379 per month. Hostinger’s next plan called Business Website Builder costs ₹299 per month for 24 months. Again, you get a free domain for the first year.

The most affordable option is the 48-month subscription, which brings down the monthly cost to ₹299 per month with Business plan and ₹149 per month with Premium Website Builder plan. Here, you get 2-3 months of extra service and one year of free domain.

And if you want to test out Hostinger’s AI website builder then you can try it for free (without credit card) or subscribe to the one-month plan that costs ₹599 Premium per month. You can also get an additional 10% discount by using our coupon code “BEEBOM” on all annual hosting and website builder plans on Hostinger.

All the plans have a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means if you are not happy with the service, Hostinger will refund the amount, but the plan must be canceled within 30 days of the date of the transaction.

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  • coconut boy says:

    AI builder is good for people who wants the most basic and brochure/portfolio sites. Beyond that I do not see the use of it. On paper, it is a revolutionary tool though but in execution, it fails innsome department. Now say, your client have a specific requirement that requires custom code, say a custom module. I would recommend to stick to wordpress, joomla or drupal. Also as a customer of Hostinger, be weary with this AI tool because if there’s an issue, you will have to wait as their support is slightly lacking. It’s a great idea nonetheless.

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