Honkai Star Rail: Ten Stonehearts Aventurine Boss Fight Guide

In Short
  • Ten Stonehearts Aventurine is the final boss in the Honkai Star Rail 2.1 Trailblazing missions. He has many AoE and Bounce attacks with high RNG damage.
  • To defeat him, choose characters with Lightning, Ice, or Physical damage type, and make sure they have multi-target attacks. Also choose a good sustain with multi-target heals or shields.
  • When Aventurine unleashes his Stratagems, hit as many of the dices as possible using multi-target attacks.

Honkai Star Rail 2.1 Trailblazing missions hit the crescendo with an amazing and difficult fight with everyone’s favorite gambler, Aventurine. The 2.1 trailblazing missions have not been short of masterpiece storytelling, and it ends with a very challenging fight. If you are stuck on the Ten Stonehearts Aventurine boss fight, then here is how you can easily defeat him and finish the story.

What Makes the Ten Stonehearts Aventurine Boss Fight Hard?

Aventurine Stratagems

The Ten Stonehearts Aventurine fight is hard mainly due to the random RNG damage. Aventurine has an attack that chooses an ally for a gambling faceoff, where the select ally must roll more than Aventurine’s number. When the character loses the gamble, they take a lot of damage, and when they win, their energy is refilled and damage output is increased.

The gambling faceoff becomes worse in Aventurine’s second phase, where all allies must participate in every turn cycle. With just one bad RNG, players are left with defeated characters, making the fight even harder.

Best Characters and Teams for the Aventurine Boss Fight in HSR

Most of the difficulty of the fight can be overcome by selecting the correct characters.

  • First, you need to pick characters with the Ice, Physical, or Lightning damage type, at least for your Main DPS.
  • The next thing you need to do is pick characters with multi-target attacks. Characters with multi-target attacks can easily win the Gambling Faceoff against Aventurine, minimizing the damage taken significantly. Even characters with an AoE Ultimate can work in this case.
  • Other than characters with multi-target attacks, you also need Sustains with multi-target heals or shields. This will allow your characters to stay alive during a bad RNG run.
  • Finally, add as much health as you can to your squishy allies, especially Supports and Hunt DPS.
JingliuRuan MeiLuocha
ArgentiGuinaifenFu Xuan
Jing YuanSparkleFire Trailblazer (With Another Healer)
Best Characters for Aventurine Boss Fight

The best teams for the Aventurine boss fight are:

Main DPSSupportSupportSustain
JingliuRuan MeiPelaHuohuo
KafkaBlack SwanRuan MeiHuohuo
Best Teams for Aventurine Boss Fight

HSR Ten Stonehearts Aventurine Boss Fight Strategy

When fighting Aventurine, the main thing you need to focus on is surviving his bad RNG attacks, which often on-shot characters. Make sure to constantly heal your allies with lower HP before Aventurine’s turn. Most of his attacks are either AoE or Bounce, so you can never be sure who he targets.

During the Gambling Faceoff, use the AoE or Blast attacks of your allies to hit as many dice as possible. If you have Huohuo, then you can just use her Skill to blast heal instead of attack the dice. For support characters with AoE ultimate, like Pela or Guinaifen, save the ultimate charged for the Gambling faceoff as winning will recharge the Energy anyway.

Continue chipping away Aventurine’s toughness and health and use heals to keep your characters alive and you will be able to win the fight easily.

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