Honkai Star Rail: 4 Upcoming Penacony Character Models Leaked

Boothill Gallaghar Sunday Robin Models revealed HSR
In Short
  • Penacony is going to feature many new characters and in-game mechanics.
  • New leaks from otchim_leaks have revealed the in-game models of Boothill, Gallagher, Sunday, and Robin.
  • They have used the model swapping technique to surface the new character models.

Honkai Star Rail’s Penacony Trailblazing World is right around the corner and we are starting to see leaks appear frequently, like the new travel mechanic. The latest leaks from otchim_leaks have given us a good look at the new Penacony character models — Boothill, Gallagher, Sunday, and Robin.

Boothill HSR Leak

Boothill is leaked to be a rogue-like character from the Hunt path with the Physical damage type, and his model does justice to the description. He features a space cowboy-style hat in a militaristic uniform adorned with badges. His space cowboy look is very stylish, and correctly portrays his rumored links to the refugees in Penacony. Other leaks also confirm him to be a hard person to deal with while also being very loyal to friends.

Gallagher HSR Leak

Gallagher features a refined look with a handsome clean-shaven face. His hands feature multiple scars, making it seem like Gallagher has faced his fair share of battles. Sadly, he is rumored to be a 4-star character, and his build points towards a DPS character. Gallagher’s refined character design may be simple but it looks great nonetheless. His scars also add a lot more depth to his otherwise simple refined look.

Sunday HSR Leak

Sunday’s model looks very different from Boothill and Gallagher. He features a sophisticated look with a white coat and a gold halo with three eyes. The white coat and the halo give a regal look which looks very stylish.

Sunday first made an appearance in the Crown of the Mundane and Divine Special Program. He is also going to be Robin’s older brother, the organizer of the Charmony festival, and a representative of the Family in Penacony. The Family is a faction in Honkai Star Rail, blessed by Xipe the Harmony.

Robin HSR Leak

Robin is rumored to be one of the leaders of The Family in Penacony. She is also rumored to be very important in the Penacony Stellaron crisis. Robin’s character looks stylish and gives an air of showbiz. She features a gorgeous white and violet frock with a circle headpiece. Her model looks gorgeous and will likely attract many players when she finally appears on the banners.

Penacony is set up to be a dreamlike futuristic world. The new world may also reveal old mysteries, especially surrounding March 7th’s old name. Share your thoughts on Penacony and the characters you are hoping to pull for in the comment section.

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