Honkai Star Rail: Gold And Gears Guide (2024)

In Short
  • The Gold and Gears update to the Simulated Universe introduces customizable Dice Faces, the Path of Erudition, and the new Intra Cognition system.
  • A total of 4000 Stellar Jades can be earned from clearing Gold and Gears completely for the first time.
  • Best characters for Gold and Gears are Jingliu, Dan Heng IL, Argenti, Qingque, Bronya, Ruan Mei, Luocha, Fu Xuan, Huohuo.

The Honkai Star Rail 1.6 version introduced the Gold and Gears update to the Simulated Universe, and it’s been an absolute banger. The Gold and Gears update brought customizable Dice Faces, the Path of Erudition, and the new Intra Cognition system. The new game mode also adds a new story element to the Simulated Universe, unlocking secrets of the Aeons with each playthrough. Here is a complete guide to the new Simulated Universe Gold and Gear update in Honkai Star Rail.

HSR Gold and Gears Release Date

The Gold and Gear update was released on December 27, 2023, with the Honkai Star Rail 1.6 version. This game mode will be a permanent addition to the Simulated Universe, so players can take their time finishing it.

Gold and Gears Rewards

Simulated Universe Gold and Gears rewards

The Gold and Gears update in Simulated Universe brings a ton of Stellar Jades and other rewards for players. First time clearing the Gold and Gears will reward 4000 Stellar Jades. This includes unlocking and finishing everything in the new update.

Besides that, players can also receive other rewards, including Self Modeling Resins, Relic Remains, Star Rail Passes, and Lost Crystals. Here is the complete Reward Chart for clearing Gold and Gears in Honkai Star Rail for the first time:

Stellar Jade4000
Relic Remains1450
Tracks of Destiny4
Self Modeling Resins1
Star Rail Passes4
Traveler’s Guide140
Refined Aether85
Lost Crystal77
Gold and Gears Rewards

The new Gold and Gears update can be quite confusing at the start. Here is the complete Simulated Universe Gold and Gears guide, which will help you through each step of playing the new game mode.

How to Unlock Gold and Gears in Simulated Universe

Gold and Gears Honkai Star Rail

The Gold of Gears update to the Simulated Universe in HSR will unlock for every player who clears the World 5 of the Simulated Universe. After players have unlocked Gold and Gears, they have to enter Simulated Universe and select the Head to Simulated Universe Expansion Module option. From there, players can select Gold and Gears and start exploring.

Selecting and Banning Paths in Gold and Gears

Paths in Gold and Gears

After you start exploring in Gold and Gears and select the difficulty level, you will reach the Path selection menu. Each path has a separate active condition and selecting the correct path for your specific team is vital for successfully clearing the levels.

Here are all the Paths and their active conditions in Gold and Gears:

  • Preservation: Increases the strength of Shields applied to allies.
  • Remembrance: Increases the Effect Hit Rate for all allies.
  • Elation: Increases the follow-up attack Damage for all allies.
  • Hunt: Increases Crit Damage for all allies.
  • Destruction: Increases Damage for all allies.
  • Nihility: Increases DoT Damage from all allies.
  • Abundance: Increases healing received for all allies.
  • Propagation: Increases Basic Attack Damage for all allies.
  • Erudition: Increases Ultimate Damage for all allies.

Choosing a path will also increase Blessings from that path to appear frequently. Next, you will be able to ban two paths, preventing blessing from those paths. Once done, hit Enter and move to the Dice Face Setup.

Customizing Dice Faces in Gold and Gears Simulated Universe

  • Selecting Dice Face Setups
  • Edit Dice Faces

If you have played Swarm Disaster, you will be familiar with Dice Effects. These effects take place when you are moving from one domain to another. In Swarm Disaster, the Dice Faces are random for the selected path.

However, in Gold and Gears, players get to choose a set of Custom dice before entering the Plane. So, only the selected dice will appear when moving from one domain to another. You will unlock more Dice faces as you progress through the Gold and Gear game mode in Honkai Star Rail. Once you have selected the Dice Faces you want, select Confirm to enter the Plane.

Moving from One Domain to Another

Communing Device in Gold and Gears

After you have entered the Plane and the first domain, you will need to clear the domain and use the Communing Device to move to the next domain. Once you have unlocked the Communing Device for a domain by clearing it, interact with it to see your next dice roll. Finally, select the domain you next want to be and select confirm.

Honkai Star Rail Intra-Cognition System

Adjusting Intra Cognition System Honkai Star Rail

The Intra-Cognition system is a new addition to Simulated Universe with the Gold and Gears update. The new Simulated Universe can reveal secrets when certain consciousness requirements are met. The intra-cognition system in HSR is the required criteria to unlock the secrets, and players need to stick to the recommended intra-cognition system level to earn the secret unlocks.

There are specific Intra-Cognition Planes that give a straight plus or negative 20 to your intra-cognition level, so make sure to pass through them to reach the recommended level.

Prepare for Resonance Extrapolation

Another new change with the Gold and Gears update in HSR is the Resonance Extrapolation, which is much like path resonance but will affect you instead of the enemies. The final plane’s boss fight will have the Resonance Extrapolation, so make sure to better prepare yourself. During the 2nd plane boss fight, you will get to choose between disabling Resonance Extrapolation for the final Boss fight, or another buff or debuff.

Here are some Resonance Extrapolations you should avoid in the final boss battle:

AbundanceRestores HP, removes debuffs for all enemies, and advances their actions forward.
DestructionDeals Fire damage to all allies and advances the actions of all enemies.
Hardest Resonance Extrapolation

Honkai Star Rail Gold and Gears Best Characters

When it comes to Gold and Gears in Honkai Star Rail, you must always use the best characters in the game. All the A-tier and above characters are a good fit for Gold and Gears, but there are also a few lower-ranked characters who can be relevant. Here is the complete list:

NameRoleBest Paths
JingliuDPSDestruction, Erudition, Hunt.
Dan Heng Inbibitor LunaeDPSPropagation, Destruction, Erudition, Hunt.
ArgentiDPSErudition, Hunt.
SeeleDPSHunt, Destruction, Propagation
QingqueDPSPropagation, Erudition, Hunt, Destruction
KafkaDPSNihility, Erudition, Elation
BronyaSupportAll Paths
Silver WolfSupportAll Paths
Ruan MeiSupportAll Paths
TingyunSupportAll Paths
PelaSupportAll Paths
AstaSupportAll Paths
Fu XuanSustainAbundance, Destruction
LuochaSustainAll Paths
HuohuoSustainAll Paths
GeopardSustainPreservation, Destruction
Best Characters for Gold and Gears

HSR Gold and Gears Best Team Compositions

Most strong characters for the Simulated Universe are also perfect for Gold and Gears. Here are the best teams and characters that you can pick for Gold and Gears in HSR:

OrderMain DPSSupportSupportSustain
BestJingliuTingyunRuan MeiHuohuo
AlternativeDan Heng ILHanyaPelaLuocha
F2PQingqueFire TrailblazerAstaLynx
Best Teams for Gold and Gears

You can form many good teams besides those I mentioned, synergizing the Dice Faces, Path Blessing, and character abilities. Simulated Universe gives much freedom for experimenting with different team compositions, so don’t hold yourself back.

So, there you have it. Here is the complete Simulated Universe Gold and Gears guide in Honkai Star Rail. Share your experience of the new Gold and Gear update with us in the comment section.

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