Honkai Star Rail: March 7th’s Old Name Appears in Leaks

March 7th Honkai Star Rail B Tier Sustain
In Short
  • March 7th's old name in 2021 was recently leaked by UBatcha to be 'Celimene', meaning Heavenly Moon or Heavenly Strength.
  • The name originates from the 17th century French playwright Molière, for a character in his play Le Misanthrope.
  • Previously, the name 'Eileen' was leaked as March 7th's name, which also means Strength.

March 7th is one of the first companions of the Trailblazer, alongside Dan Heng, in Honkai Star Rail. Her unknown past shadows her cheerful and enthusiastic personality. Her real name has been a big story puzzle for Honkai Star Rail fans from the get-go, and the latest leak from UBatcha — a well-known HSR leaker — might cast some light on it.

The recent leak reveals that March 7th’s old name was ‘Celimene’ in 2021. The name Celimene — Heavenly Moon or Heavenly Strength — originates from the 17th-century French playwright Molière, for a character in his play Le Misanthrope.

Whether this is her original name or not is only up to speculation. Previously, the name ‘Eileen’ was leaked as March 7th’s name, which also means Strength, so the trend at least seems constant.

March 7th Total Recall Companion mission

From the story, we know that March 7th was found by the Astral Express when she was roaming the space, stuck in a block of magical ice. The Trailblazers in the Astral Express saved her, and she has been part of them ever since.

March 7th’s companion quest — Total Recall — focused on revealing her past with the help of Fu Xuan. Eventually, it came to a standstill when the Messenger of the Forgotten Hall urged her not to seek her past as it would only bring pain to her. Hopefully, the Penacony arc will reveal about March 7th’s past, as Black Swan is rumored to have a significant role in it.

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  • What if black swan and march 7th (before the whole ice ordeal) were great friends, I mean that’s usually how games like to make it. But that’s ONLY a fan theory anyways. After all I’m a fan of march, so yeah.

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