What If Dogs Could Text? 10 Hilarious Texts From Dogs

October Jones has created an amazing tumblr textfromdog where he posts funny (imaginary) text conversation between a dog and his owner. This hilarious tumblr has got mentions from some of the famous websites from around the world.

October has also penned a book under the title ‘Text from Dogs’ in November 2012, second edition of which has been released in October last year. Both the books have received good response from readers, you can check out the books here.

So, Let’s check out, if Dogs could text what would have they written in the texts.

1.  Dogs won’t let you get away with it.

Text from Dog 1

2. Best Day of a Dog’s life

Text from Dog 2

3. Check and Mate by Dog

Text from Dog 3

4. A never ending chase of Dog’s life.

Text from Dog 4

5. Merry Christmas, says the Dog.

Text from Dog 5

6. Girlfriend or Dog? Decide fast.

Text from Dog 6

7. Story of A Dog’s Life.

Text from Dog 7

8. Don’t leave the Dog alone at home.

Text from Dog 8

9. There’s somebody at the door.

Text from Dog 9

10. OMG Guests?

Text from Dog 10

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