7 Features We Want Rockstar to Add in GTA 6

In Short
  • The Grand Theft Auto franchise has come a long way from being a top-down 2D adventure.
  • However, there are still many things we wish the upcoming GTA 6 would return with.
  • These crucial elements include realistic car physics, a better combat system, the return of arcade games, and much more.

Rockstar Games has always been known for taking lifetimes to launch new games. A prime example of that is GTA 5’s successor. Gamers worldwide had to wait for over 10 years to finally see a trailer for GTA 6. From including Vice City in the new edition to introducing their first female protagonist, Lucia Rockstar has tried to ensure everything falls into place.

However, as a GTA veteran, I feel some things have been missing in GTA games that are due a revisit. After pondering on it for too long, I decided to sit down and make a list. So, without further ado, here are seven things I feel Rockstar should bring back in GTA 6.

1. Revamped Notoriety System

Playing Grand Theft Auto and not talking about the notoriety system is not a conversation that can occur. That is why I start my list by wishing for a better notoriety system in GTA 6. Rockstar Games usually does a typical star system where the more crimes you commit, the higher starts you get.

The only way to get rid of these stars is by getting arrested, hiding, or, well, dying. A key element I feel Rockstar can do in GTA 6 is bringing back the bribing system. Imagine a handful of cops after you, and you can just bribe your way out of it.

AC Mirage bribing to lower notoriety
Bribing system from AC: Mirage, Image Courtesy: Ubisoft

Another aspect of the game I noticed in the GTA 6 trailer is how social media looked in the game. While the trailer only showed people uploading videos, Rockstar can let players use social media side to clear notoriety levels by hacking into police devices like Watch Dogs.

I would also like to see some positive social media PR methods similar to the preachers or munadis in the Assassin’s Creed notoriety system. Let the influencers say some nice things about you for some extra bucks!

6 star wanted level in Vice City
Image Courtesy: Rockstar Games

While I am talking about getting rid of the cops, I also want the challenge to ramp up. For that, I wish that Rockstar would bring back the six-star wanted level. Not only would it intensify the action ten times over, but six stars in the game would also fit its namesake, right? Sounds like a good idea to me.

2. Detailed & Accessible Interiors

GTA, at its core, has always been an open-world game. The ability to explore and ride around cities is extremely fun. However, that same feel isn’t fully replicated on the inside. While previous games like GTA 4 and San Andreas had their share of accessible interiors, they didn’t feel enough. As such, I feel that having access to multiple buildings with proper interiors will make the game feel more immersive.

Rockstar should add back salons, more restaurants, pawn shops, and even gyms. Additionally, there can be basic buildings with basic interiors, too. These can just exist so players walk in and at least feel there’s more variety. Maybe Rockstar can add some easter eggs or unlockables? As long as the city feels more accessible, the open-world experience will be much better. I know it’s a small thing to ask for, but it’s the details that matter.

3. Realistic Simulation Features

Red Dead Redemption 2 players know that Arthur’s bread actually grows in real time. This was hailed to be an amazing simulation addition that players loved. As someone who appreciates realism, this is definitely one of the things I would like GTA 6 to have.

RDR 2 Arthur hair growth
Image Courtesy: Rockstar Games

Forget RDR 2 for a minute. Remember San Andreas? Veterans will remember that CJ’s body responded to his diet and exercise in real time. Have one too many Cluckin’ Bell chicken wings, and you will gain fat. However, visiting the gym would lead him to lose it and even become buffed.

Even activities like swimming, cycling, driving, or fighting had an impact. This is exactly the system I want back in GTA 6. Just imagine Lucia and Jason being affected during heists because of their life choices. I know I am!

San Andreas CJ Stats system
Image Courtesy: Rockstar Games

Rockstar can further top this up by adding dialogues that only trigger when you’re built a certain way. Having NPC respond to your bodily state would certainly add a level of personality to GTA 6, and I am all for it!

4. More Arcady Minigames

Besides the above, the one thing that has been missing since the 3D universe is the arcade minigames. One of my favorite minigames in GTA was stealing cop cars to start some vigilante missions. In the same way, ambulance and even firefighting missions in older GTA games were extremely fun. I know GTA 5 had the Freaks and Strangers missions, but those weren’t fun enough for me.

Having these arcade minigames added back in GTA 6 would reintroduce a touch of life to the game. As an add-on, GTA can also introduce activities like golf courses, firing range shooting practices, races, or assassination missions as minigames. I would love to see horse racing make its way from RDR 2 to the GTA universe. But wishing for horses in Vice City is weird, isn’t it? Nonetheless, I am going to wish away.

5. Revamped Vehicles and Car Physics

This point is probably going to anger a lot of you. We know that besides GTA 4, all the other Grand Theft Auto games have had less than realistic car physics. And by that I mean jumping your car off from a cliff and still serving without a seatbelt on. Well, I would, for one, want to see realistic car physics make a return in GTA 6. Give me those bent bumpers and broken hoods because of a single touch to another vehicle.

However, I also know that car physics won’t add anything unless you have a good selection of vehicles with it. As we already saw in the trailer, it looks like Rockstar might be bringing back some classic vehicles from old GTA games. Some personal classic vehicles I would like to see making a return are the Phoenix, Stinger, Infernus, Angel, Cheetah, and Hotring Racer. Driving these old vehicles back in new physics would make for one amazing combination.

6. Better Combat System

For me, another thing that has been a slightly underwhelming part of GTA games is the hand-to-hand combat. If you look at any GTA game since its beginning, fist fighting always feels like you are merely throwing your hands in the air. Since games like Sleeping Dogs have redefined combat, I feel this Rockstar can certainly learn from them. A good example of this can be a quest like GTA 4’s DLC Ballad of Gay Tony’s Bear Fight sequence.

GTA 4 Melee combat scene
Image Courtesy: Rockstar Games

At this point, I would also like to give a shoutout to the slow-mo combat systems like Bullet Time and Deadeye Rockstar brought about in games like Max Payne, RDR 2, and even GTA 5. This is definitely something I would like to see coming back in GTA 6. While it doesn’t necessarily need any slow-motion matrix-style stuff, some action would be nice.

Who knows, the company might even combine both systems to create something amazing! Rockstar, while you are at it, add the dual gun-wielding too. I just want to be a gunslinger around fights like I did in Max Payne and Red Dead Redemption 2.

Red Dead Redemption 2 dual gun wielding
Image Courtesy: Rockstar Games

On top of great melee combat, dual guns, and slow-mo, Rockstar should also introduce better weapon modifications and crafting mechanics. A system similar to the Cyberpunk 2077 weapon mods can be a great way to add details to a decent weapon system in the GTA universe.

Scopes, Muzzles, or any upgrade tools can make any weapon stronger and more effective for a game where shooting matters a lot. I cannot wait to add a cyclone tool to my sword and swing around performing combos.

7. Impactful Side Quests

At the end of the day, GTA 6 will be a story-based adventure. And while the games usually come with a fantastic plot, I feel the upcoming iteration needs just a bit more in terms. To prevent gamers from falling into boredom while doing the main quests, Rockstar must add some impactful side quests.

Kill Chelonia’s Leader from Red Dead Redemption 2 cult mission
Image Courtesy: Rockstar Games

Some side quest storylines can come back in GTA 6. These can include missions like the Cult of Chelonia from RDR 2, drug marketing from Chinatown Wars, and being a business tycoon in Vice City stories. Quests like these are amazing at injecting that needed much needed variety into the game.

GTA Vice City Stories and Chinatown Wars cover
Image Courtesy: Rockstar Games

The drug-selling storyline in Chinatown Wars can be one way to add spice to the already exciting neon nights of Vice City. Rockstar can also bring back Vice City stories’ respect system and business empire-building quests. I would love to hire some of the best gunmen to rule the state of Leonida while I clean off some countryside cults.

Did We Make the Right Choice?

As mentioned above, we must understand that GTA games are about the main story that comes with its own choices. As a gamer, the one that should be in your mind when you end GTA is, “Did I make the right choice?”

However, this only comes into play if Rockstar adds a story progression that uses the butterfly effect. Most GTA games revolve around many twists and turns and different endings, but your choices influence only a portion of the story.

Until Dawn Butterfly effect image
Image Courtesy: PlayStation

For instance – In GTA 4, Niko had the choice to choose from multiple scenarios, but it did not make any significant difference. Meanwhile, Grand Theft Auto 5 came with multiple endings that were a bit better but still felt linear and scripted. While I understand there’s a certain path to follow, I also feel we need gamers need a bit more free will.

Life is Strange and Detroit become human cover
Image Courtesy: PlayStation

As a gamer who loves to see moral choices impacting the plot, I would love to see Rockstar taking inspiration from games like Life is Strange and Detroit Become Human. This can help the plot spin-off in more directions and give players added creative freedom. Who knows, maybe we will get to become a villain!

These are the 7 things I would love to see in GTA 6. Do you think we missed any point? Tell us in the comments below.

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