Google Announces ‘Summer With Google’ Campaign for Kids

Summer with Google

Google India is giving 100 school students, and their parents, across the country an opportunity to attend a summer camp at its offices in Gurgaon and Hyderabad through the new ‘Summer With Google’ campaign. As part of the campaign, the company will assign an activity to kids via the ‘Summer With Google’ website each week for four weeks and will shortlist the winners from the list of kids who are able to successfully complete the assignments.

The assignments will be accompanied by a set of instructions which will allow the kids to answer all their “how to” questions and each assignment will be linked to the previous one. Some of the assignments will also have subjective questions, which are aimed at bringing out the kids’ creativity and imagination. Google announced the campaign in a blog post earlier today, in which the company wrote:

” It’s that time of the year when the temperatures are rising, schools are closed for vacations and more often than not, kids are glued to their screens! Yes it’s summertime, and while you may be worried about your kids spending some extra hours on the Internet, we feel you can use that time to bond with them, learn together, encourage them to make new discoveries and help them be responsible explorers of the web.”

The first assignment is already live and requires participants to log on to Google Earth and answer one of the three questions mentioned in the video linked above. Once the participant has the correct answer to any one of the questions, they can head to the Google Summer Camp website and start their first assignment. The video ends with a couple of tips to help kids become good digital citizens. If you are a school-going kid and wish to visit Google’s campus and see the company’s technology up close, then make sure you participate in the campaign now!

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