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Google Search Results will Now Let You Find a Movie, Look for Local Showtimes in a Jiffy

google search cbse

Google has rolled out a new layout for Google Search results which makes the process of searching for movie showtimes much more convenient, thanks to the addition of filters that will let users easily narrow down the search query down to dates, ratings, screening times and much more.

The updated movie search result format brings a host of new changes aside from the addition of filters, such as the introduction of a scrollable card format for each movie in the search results, complete with links to the movie’s trailer, IMDB page, etc.

search articleOnce users search for a relevant keyword like ‘showtimes’, ‘movies’ or location specific keywords like ‘movies in Delhi’, the search results will present a list of movies that are currently being screened in theaters in the particular city. Users can narrow down their movie search results by using filters like date, genre, screen type (IMAX or 3D), Critics score, theater chains, language and time.

Moreover, if users want to check the movie being screened in a particular multi-screen theater or mall, they can go through the complete list by tapping on the ‘Cinemas’ option in the blue bar at the top. Doing so will open a list of theaters, and tapping on any of the names will come up with the number and title of movies being screened there, complete with showtimes and the distance of the theater from user’s current location. Moreover, the ‘Cinemas’ section also displays a tiny map with the location of theaters marked on it for added convenience.

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Furthermore, once users do the relevant Google search and tap on any of the movies listed in the search results, a card-like side-scrollable interface will pop-up, with each card containing the flick’s IMDB rating, a brief overview of the movie’s plot, a link to the film’s trailer on YouTube and below it, the movie’s cast. Tapping on the ‘Performance Times’ option on the card will open a list of all nearby theaters where the particular film is currently being screened, complete with showtime information.

The new movie search result feature has already begun rolling out and is now available in India. I tested the new interface, and needless to say, it is simply awesome as it now makes it a lot more convenient to search for movie showtimes in one’s city.

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