With Christmas just a few weeks away, Google’s Santa Tracker is back with a ton of fun activities, interactive puzzles, musical tasks and tidbits about holiday traditions across the world.

This year, ‘Santa’s Village’ is chock full of activities in anticipation of Christmas this year and Google will continue to add more in the upcoming days.

Google’s annual Christmas-themed online entertainment event is celebrating its 15th year, so there are some extra special nuggets in there. Let’s take a look at some of the activities that will greet you in Santa’s Village this year.

Elf Maker

The Elf Maker will help you create an elf and customize it to your liking, including the height, clothes, cap, and even the elf’s surroundings. You can also choose to save a photo of your self-designed elf and store it on your PC or share it with friends.

Wrap Battle

If you are in a groovy mood, Wrap Battle is the game for you. Just make sure that you have quick reflexes so that you can press the corresponding arrow buttons as they move up towards a line on the screen, matching the beats and winning you some points in the process.


The next activity stop in Santa’s Village is Translations where you can learn how to say commonly used festive greetings in different languages. There is also an option on the translation table which you can click to help Google improve its language translation system if you think that the greeting is badly translated.

Holiday Traditions

The Holiday Traditions is an educational activity which shows you a world map with locations marked with colorful dots across the globe. Just click on any marked location and you will get to learn about the unique Christmas traditions in that particular country.

Present Bounce

The Present Bounce is a series of games where the objective is to lead a gift package into a large vessel. The game looks easy at first, but then it gets challenging as you progress to higher levels.

Santa Postcards and Code Lab are among the other activities that will keep you engaged in Santa’s Village. Moreover, Google will keep adding more new activities on a regular interval. The objective of it all? Well, Google wants you to ‘explore, play and learn with Santa’s Elves all December long’.

You can keep a track of Santa’s whereabouts on Google Maps, play all the fun games and participate in different activities in Santa’s Village on the official Santa Tracker website. You can also join in on the fun by downloading the¬†Google Santa Tracker app (Free) from the Play Store.