Google Photos Now Offers More Control Over Album Sharing

google photos album sharing

Google Photos is pretty much the standard place where most of us store our photos. It offers unlimited free storage for photos and videos, and it is great for archiving your memories. Plus, you can move to any device and have access to all your photos and videos. Well, a new feature is now available in Photos that gives you more control over sharing your albums.

Sharing an album in Google Photos will now prompt you to send an invite to a person or a group of people instead of using a link. This way, you can control who can view your photos. This feature is similar to Photos’ existing feature allowing users to share photos and videos directly with people, thereby giving you more control over your photos.

Once you invite someone to your album, they will receive a notification in the Google Photos app along with an email. These albums will be visible to them in the ‘Sharing’ tab, and as usual, you will be able to chat with them in the chat section of the album as well.

Of course, you can still use links to share albums if you want, and you will be able to enable or disable link sharing as per your wish. Plus, you will also be able to control if other members can contribute photos and videos to the album or not.

The new sharing features will be rolled out to users over the next week, says Google.

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