google material you design

Material You is Google’s Colorful, Personalized Design Language of the Future

google material you design

Google adopted the Material Design language back in 2014, completely changing how we see and interact with certain Android UI elements. The Material Design language has evolved over the past years. But today, at the Google I/O 2021 conference, Google unveiled “Material You,” a new colorful and personalized design language for its hardware devices.

Starting off, let’s first talk about the inspiration behind the new Material You design language. As per an official blog post, it “seeks to create designs that are personal for every style, accessible for every need, alive, and adaptive for every screen.” Google is using a personal signal, i.e your wallpaper, to redefine the UI palette in real-time. That means you will be able to tailor the look and feel of their Android phone based on their mood.

What’s more, the Material You design language will adapt to different screen sizes and types. That means it will not only be available via Android on your smartphone but also your Wear OS smartwatch, smart speaker, and more. Google also plans to use the new colorful UI elements on the web as well.

Well, “Material You will transform design for Android, for Google, and for the entire tech industry,” says Google in an official blog post. You can check out the new design changes in the YouTube video below.

Now, to answer the biggest question – when will you be able to use and experience the Material You design? Well, Google has confirmed that Google Pixel devices will be the first to get Material You later this fall, with the Android 12 update. You can give it a go by installing the first Android 12 beta on your Pixel device right away.

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