Google Maps and Search Now Shows COVID-19 Vaccination Center Locations in India

Google Maps and Search Now Shows COVID-19 Vaccination Center Locations in India

Following the widespread Coronavirus-led pandemic, we have seen Google add a ton of new features to its services to help people battle the ongoing pandemic. So, after adding features to its Search, Assistant, and Maps services to restrict misinformation surrounding the COVID-19 vaccines in India recently, Google now starts showing where people can get vaccinated in Maps and Search.

COVID-19 Vaccination Center Locations on Google

With this new feature, users can now use Google Search and Maps to see COVID-19 vaccine center locations in their area. The list of hospitals, clinics, and centers where vaccines are available shows up along with the locations pinned on a map as soon as you search for “COVID 19 vaccine” on these platforms.

Google Search

On Search, when you type “COVID 19 vaccine”, you will see a new “Where to Get it” tab at the top (on mobile), included in the new Vaccine Knowledge Panel, which Google added recently. And if you did not know, Google now shows more information about COVID-19 vaccines, including their side effects, safety, distribution, and effectiveness on Search.

Google Now Shows Vaccination Centers on Search and Maps

So, when you open the new “Where to get it” tab, Google Search will pull up a list of hospitals and clinics near your location where you can get a vaccine shot. You can tap the “More places” button at the bottom to expand the initial list. You can then tap each of the hospitals or vaccination centers to gain more information about their restriction policies or call them directly from the search results. Moreover, you can tap the map at the top of the screen to open up a map UI to see the locations of the listed hospitals.

Google Maps

In Google Maps, the feature works pretty much the same way. You can open up the app on your smartphone or desktop and search for “Covid 19 vaccine”. Following your search, the app will show a list of vaccination centers in your area with their locations pinned on the map.

Google Now Shows Vaccination Centers on Search and Maps

From the list of hospitals, you can tap the “See location info” button for each of the centers to know about their vaccination process or read reviews from other users.


The feature is currently being rolled out to Google Search and Maps. However, if you do not see it on either of the two platforms on your mobile device, try updating the apps from the Play Store or Apple App Store.

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