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Google Keep, New Note Taking Android App from Google

Google keep

Back in 2009 when Google took the bold decision to close its notebook service, it gave ample opportunities to other services like Evernote to take on as leading app and web service for note taking providing tons of features.

But not anymore as now Google has unveiled its brand new note taking service for android what they call as Google keep. The app is now available only on android platform and Google did not mention about any iOS version of the app. The app’s dashboard provides the very basic note taking functionality and has a neat and tidy user interface what we have seen in Pinterest and tumblr.


1. You can add photos, lists or write something to create notes.

The app allows you to take a photo and add something, create lists or create custom test notes.

keep keep keep

2. Record voice to create a note

App uses Google’s inbuilt speech recognition tool to create a voice note along with translated text to English or your phones language.


3. Color code for your notes to find them effortlessly

Managing your notes had never been so easy and visually attractive, color codes are really easy to find what you are looking for based on your priorities.

color notes

4. Multi column and Single column view

You can customize your dashboard by selecting single column view or multi column view for your notes.

single view multi view

5. Edit and swipe to delete and add home screen and lock screen widgets

Swipe the note to delete them, it’s just so easy and effortless. You can add widget to taker a note instantly or even have lock screen widget for android 4.2+ devices.

swipe and delete widgets

6. Sync your notes and access them from web

Google backs up all your notes to your Google drive using Gmail account keeping everything in a folder “keep”.


Since this is a first version of the app, we will definitely see some major updates like adding Google maps for locating addresses you note or turning your note to a calendar event.

With some improvements Google keep can definitely become Evernote killer app on android.

Platform : Android

Developer: Google

Availability: Free on Google Play

Image courtesy: Google

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