Google Brings Chrome OS to Windows and Mac for Free

chrome os flex introduced

Google has introduced an easy and fast way to get Chrome OS on your Windows or Mac devices. The solution is Chrome OS Flex, which installs Chrome OS on your laptop or PC, that too for free. Here’s what you need to know about this new version of Chrome OS.

Chrome OS Flex Will Help Turn Your PC into a Chromebook

Chrome OS Flex will allow you to turn your old Windows or Mac device into a Chromebook for a faster and more modern experience. As Google notes, it is a “free and sustainable way to modernize devices you already own.

This is being targeted to both enterprises and a general user who just wants to try out Chrome OS. Plus, it will be a great way to repurpose old devices, which, in turn, can help prevent e-waste.

With this, the Windows PCs and Macs can become more secure, won’t slow with time, will boot fast, and will have automatic updates downloaded in the background. Much like on the original Chrome OS, the Flex version will also provide you access to Google Assistant, Google Play Store for apps, the usual Chrome OS features, and monthly updates too. But some of the features may be limited based on your hardware.

It is further revealed that Chrome OS Flex is another version of CloudReady but with some compromises, which is a Chrome OS-like operating system that allows you to download make any device a Chromebook. It is a part of Google ever since Google acquired Neverware, which developed CloudReady.

How to Get Chrome OS Flex?

Google suggests that getting Chrome OS Flex is a simple process and all you need is a USB stick. You need to create a bootable USB drive, and by following Google’s instructions, you download the same on your PC. Businesses can further bring Chrome OS to other devices via the same process.

It is revealed that Chrome OS Flex’s early access is now live and if you are interested, you can head over here to get started with the install process. [UPDATE: 17/02] Thanks for your patience, we have downloaded, installed, and tested Chrome OS Flex on a Windows laptop. You can check out the step-by-step instructions on how to install Chrome OS Flex on your laptop or PC via the linked article. We have demonstrated all the steps on a Windows laptop, but they should work the same on MacBooks as well.

Google Brings Chrome OS to Windows and Mac for Free
Chrome OS Flex About page screenshot

What do you think about the new Chrome OS Flex? Are you planning to install it on your PC? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • एक बार मोका(कोशिश) करनी चाहिए. नही तो वापस अपनी सेटिंग मे आ जाए

  • Android app support is missing on flex according to the docs.. are there any workaround to that?

  • Know this….. Its a foolish thing to trust any big tech company let alone google…. “If something is free or offering it as free then you’re the product”

    • Duh! It’s repeated ad nauseum now. You’re still the product if you use paid Microsoft too. I use FOSS at home exclusively, but some people have different priorities. No need to repeat the obvious on a tech blog where everyone’s heard it already.

    • Yes, but not now in this beta state. People need time to figure out the procedure for it.

    • You need a usb to create bootable pendrive. Like you have to do to install windows and any other os except android os and other subsequent ones. Earlier you would need to use modify the rammus version of chrome os to even try to install but it was time consuming and confusing. Still, if all went well, you are not assured of reliability or speed. It used to be sluggish and heavy on ram. But now I think FLEX is gonna change that.

    • Because changing the OS will clean the harddrive and all the data along with the downloaded file for chromeOS would be deleted too.

    • Maybe, Yes and no. It would depend on the type of MacBook (year, processor) if its a really old one then yes you could and many people have done installing windows 7 much easily. But, if its newer then you would have to wait for some developer to become your saviour. But it may take time. I’ll assure you that when it arrives it could be helpful. Or if its for the worst, then be worse than the outdated mac os.

    • Hi Madan, we are working on a how to install resource right now and will share it asap

  • Chrome OS is actually a really well designed os which will be suitable most of the people. Almost 75% of what you do on a PC is doable in it. So definitely will give a try.

    • Tried it. It is working well, but doesn’t have all the features that a full fledged Chrome OS has. Play Store and the ability to run Linux apps isn’t there. Hopefully Google will include that in the future. Anyway the OS is super snappy.

      • I think people would be better off installing an actual linux distro like Ubuntu

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