Google is Bringing Custom AI Chatbots with Gemini Gems

gemini gems create custom AI chatbots
Image Courtesy: Google
In Short
  • Google is working on a Gemini Gems feature that will allow you to create a personalized AI chatbot.
  • You can create virtual AI assistants for coding, cooking, popular characters, and more.
  • Gemini Gems seems like an alternative to OpenAI's custom GPTs.

At the ongoing Google I/O 2024 event, the search giant unveiled a new feature coming to Gemini that will let you create a personalized AI chatbot. Dubbed Gemini Gems, it allows you to create a custom AI chatbot, similar to OpenAI’s custom GPTs. You can define the personality and characteristics of the chatbot by feeding instructions and Gemini will create one for you.

The feature is currently not available, but Google says that it’s coming soon on Gemini. You must be subscribed to Gemini Advanced to access this feature so keep that in mind. Apart from that, you can use Gemini Gems to create custom AI chatbots for your coding assistant who can help you while programming.

google announces gemini gems
Image Courtesy: Google

In addition, you can create virtual AI personas of popular characters or an AI chef for cooking assistance. There are tons of possibilities with custom AI chatbots. I am not sure if Google will allow users to feed extra knowledge by uploading documents, as is the case with OpenAI’s GPTs.

Nevertheless, Google seems to be competing with OpenAI and rivaling on almost all fronts. What do you think about this upcoming feature? Let us know in the comments.

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