This Study Proves Google Assistant Is Smarter than Siri, Alexa and Cortana

Google Assistant is Finally Coming To Older Phones and Tablets, Running Android 5.0 or Higher

A new report from the marketing agency Stone Temple Consulting has confirmed that Google Assistant is the smartest and the most efficient virtual assistants around town. The folks over at Stone Temple quizzed the top virtual assistants with the same set of 5,000 questions to find out the answer, and as was shown by other tests previously, Google Assistant emerged victorious.

The whole idea behind the quiz was to see how many questions each answer, and how many they answer fully and correctly? Google Assistant’s smartphone app topped the class, getting better results than its counterpart of Google Home. .

It’s interesting that Google Assistant’s smartphone app showed slightly different results than from a Google Home smart speaker, because it’s essentially the same thing.

Both Google Assistants edged out Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Apple’s Siri.

And in case you’re wondering how Google Assistant performs by itself, ROAST‘s test will fetch you an answer. ROAST’s study was exclusively about the Assistant, and it involved 10,000 questions in total. This time around, the Assistant was asked questions about hotels, restaurants, education, and travel information.

In ROAST’s test, Google Assistant managed to answer about 45% of questions. The study points out –

One of the key observations we found is that the Google Assistant result didn’t always match the result found on a web search featured snippet answer box. Sometimes the assistant didn’t read out a result (even if a featured snippet answer box existed) and we also had instances of the assistant reading out a result from a different website than the one listed in the featured snippet answer box.

In case you’re interested, here’a  look at the results –

Moving past the detailed studies and results, which one do you think is the best virtual assistant out there. Be sure to let us know by dropping a comment down below.

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