Gears of War E-Day Is Coming to Tell the Franchise’s Origins

Gears of War E-Day
Image Courtesy: Xbox/Gears of War E-Day
In Short
  • Gears of Wars E-Day has officially been revealed, crushing the rumor mill for good.
  • The game follows the origins of series favorites Marcus Fenix and Dom Santiago through the first Emergence Day when the Locust first attacked the world.
  • The upcoming game will explore the origins of the Brotherhood, weapons like MK 1 Lancer, and how Marcus Fenix became a hardened legend.

The Coalition and Xbox have finally heard the prayers, as Xbox has finally announced Gears of War E-Day, the brand-new entry in the long-running series. There have been noises of a new Gears of War getting cooked at Microsoft, and those guesses have finally become a reality.

The trailer shows us a younger Marcus Fenix and Dom Santiago amidst a warzone, 15 years before the first game. We can see the world of Sera getting invaded by Locust during the Emergence Day, and Marcus fighting a Locust out to kill him, to only get saved by Dom. The Coalition is making Gears of War E-Day on Unreal Engine 5, and everything shown in the trailer was running in-engine.

In a post over at Xbox Wire, the developers take in detail about the upcoming Gears of War E-Day. They confirm this isn’t a spin-off, but a complete prequel of the series. The game will explore how the entire thing unfolded fifteen years before, setting the stage for our characters, and how the world prepares to fight these unknown enemies.

That is why, the trailer focuses on Marcus Fenix struggling to fight against a Locust Drone in the trailer. As per the developers, Gears of Wars E-Day also explores the origin of the Brotherhood, and iconic weaponry in-game like Mark 1 Lancer guns, etc.

The trailer unfortunately didn’t reveal a release date or platform. However, we can expect the game to launch for Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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