Samsung Launches Galaxy Labs; an App Suite to Help Optimize Your Phone

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Though OneUI 2 is set to bring along a number of changes to Samsung’s Galaxy phones, the company has today released a new suite of device optimization apps. Dubbed Galaxy Labs, it’s offering users access to 4 apps, including a file restoration app, battery tracker and optimizer, and an app booster.

All of these four apps live under Galaxy Labs, similar to the “Device Care” feature on the company’s OneUI-powered devices. Let’s talk about each service under this app, starting with File Guardian. It’s going to serve as one of the most used and important apps in the Galaxy Labs suite as it will help recover permanently deleted files from your internal, as well as external storage.

Next up, we have Battery Tracker and Battery Guardian apps. The name of these 2 apps are enough to tell you what they do. While the former gives you an in-depth look at the device’s battery usage (more detailed in comparison to the in-built battery tracker), the latter only checks if existing battery optimization features are enabled or not. It’s pretty useless, to say the least.

Finally, there’s the app booster, which we have long known is used to optimize the app performance on a device. It clears RAM by killing unused apps in the background while boosting the apps you’re currently using. Galaxy Labs is a pretty handy tool for Galaxy users, especially mid-range ones with lower specs and lesser RAM.

As per SamMobile’s report, Galaxy Labs is available via the Galaxy Store but only in the Netherlands to start with. It’s a pity that Samsung is restricting new device optimization apps, which will be welcomed by users with open arms, to a certain region.

However, if you’re eager to try them out, then head to this link and download all of the APKs required to make Galaxy Labs work. You will first need to install Galaxy Labs and Galaxy Labs Agent, followed by any of the four aforementioned apps you think you will regularly use to improve your device’s performance.

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