Fujifilm’s New Instax Mini 11 Changes the Selfie Game with Its New “Selfie Mode”

instax mini 11 feat.

Fujifilm recently announced the Instax Mini 11 that extends the line-up of their popular instant point-and-shoot cameras. The successor to the Instax Mini 9, the Mini 11 brings a lot of new features and tweaks with it. However, the USP of the Mini 11 is the “selfie mode” that changes the selfie game for these instant point-and-shoot cameras.

In the previous models of the Instax Mini series, to take a selfie, an additional lens was required that clasped on top of the main lens. With the Mini 11’s new “selfie mode”, users can easily pullout a translucent extension from the main lens to activate the selfie mode. Just pull the lens ring until you see the “SELFIE ON” mark on the lens. There’s also a little mirror just beside the lens to help you adjust your selfie frame. Now, you can hold the camera high and aim low to take the perfect selfie and get it printed instantly.

selfie on instax 11

Now, this selfie mode also acts as the macro mode and can take close-up pictures of everyday things. This becomes possible as the selfie mode lowers the focusing distance to 0.3m. This means that the camera can focus on objects that are in the 30-50cm range.

Apart from the “selfie mode”, the Mini 11 also comes equipped with the auto-exposure feature. In the Mini 9, the user had to use a dial to adjust the exposure of the picture. Unlike its predecessor, the Mini 11 can adjust the exposure of a picture automatically, according to the ambient light.

The new Instax Mini 11 is coming to the market in March 2020 and will retail for around $70 (~Rs 5,000). You can check out the Instax Mini 11 right here.

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