Control Panel Loses Fonts Page to Settings on Windows 11

fonts page under control panel redirecting to windows 11 settings
In Short
  • Microsoft is planning to remove the Fonts page from the Control Panel on Windows 11.
  • Users will be redirected to the dedicated Fonts menu under Windows Settings.
  • Users can try a few workarounds to access the classic Fonts page but it seems Microsoft would close all the loopholes pretty soon.

The task of migrating Control Panel settings to a modern Windows Settings app started with the introduction of Windows 10, way back in 2015. And even after close to a decade, Microsoft is still migrating Control Panel features and settings to the Windows 11 Settings app. The latest in line to get the treatment is the Fonts page.

To install, preview, and manage fonts on Windows 11, you may have to open Windows Settings instead of Control Panel. Currently, Microsoft is not removing the Fonts section under Appearance and Personalization in the Control Panel. However, with the Windows 11 24H2 update, the Redmond giant will redirect users to open the Windows Settings app to manage fonts on the system.

The good thing is that Microsoft has already made a slick interface in Windows Settings to manage installed fonts. So users won’t face a problem. However, those power users who were accustomed to the old Control Panel settings page might not like the change.

In that case, users can access the Control Panel Fonts page by opening C:\Windows\Fonts in the Run prompt or File Explorer. However, keep in mind, this can be a temporary workaround and Microsoft may pull the plug for the classic Fonts page pretty soon.

Whether you like it or not, Microsoft has been redesigning and migrating various parts of the OS to match the visual style of Windows 11. Many criticize Microsoft for applying visual styles incoherently and keeping old-age UI elements even on modern Windows 11 OS. So the effort is noteworthy.

Recently, it moved Disks and volumes, Device encryption, Power settings, and a lot of other components to Windows Settings. Now, we need to wait and see whether Microsoft revamps the core parts of the OS such as Device Manager, Registry Editor, Disk Management, etc. It would truly be a miracle if Microsoft pulled something like this.

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