FC Barcelona Introduces Its Online Streaming Service Barca TV+

Barca TV+ feat.

Although there is no shortage of streaming platforms in the market right now, FC Barcelona introduced its subscription-based online streaming platform with a recent announcement. According to reports, Barca TV+ (yeah, right!) is a result of 18 months of planning by the club management and aims to reach its 350 million online followers.

“In the entertainment business, we are competing against not only our sports rivals. We are competing against other streaming services, video games, and so on. We are competing for the attention of our audience.”, said Didac Lee, one of the board members of FC Barcelona. 

Barca TV+, like any other online streaming services like Apple TV+ and Disney+, will feature original content. These will highlight the players, both men and women, managers, crew members, and legends of the club. Currently, it has over 1000 hours of content and is available on PC, TV, and mobile platforms.

Now, there are short videos on the platform that viewers can watch just by registering for free. However, the premium content is reserved for only the subscribed users of Barca TV+. The list of premium content includes “Ready”, a docu-series of the French attacker, Antoine Griezmann, “Origins”, which will show the players’ families, their countries and their roots, and “The Number 9”, which is a series showcasing all the notable No. 9s of the club.

Also, there is a yet-to-release documentary on Tito Vilanova, the legendary manager who won the treble for the club. Apart from these, there are short videos like “Leo Messi’s Top 10 Goals of all time”, which is an episode full of Messi’s amazing goals, “The Best Goals of the Decade”, showcasing the greatest goals from all the players and “That’s how you score from a free kick!”.

Users willing to get access to the exclusive content of the platform can register on the official website. After a 7-day free trial, users have to pay 2.49€ (~Rs 210) per month. The annual plan of 14.99€ (~Rs 1270) will give users access to Barca TV+ along with other added benefits. The streaming service is available in three languages — English, Spanish, and Catalan.

So, if you are a Barca fan, go on and experience the digital world of FC Barcelona from right here

VIA Variety
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