Pablo Escobar’s Brother Launches Cryptocurrency Called Diet Bitcoin

Diet Bitcoin

Colombian cartel leader Pablo Escobar’s brother, Roberto Escobar, has launched his own cryptocurrency called Diet Bitcoin (DDX). The cryptocurrency, which is a hard fork of the Bitcoin network, promises a faster and lighter alternative to Bitcoin. Roberto’s venture investment firm, Escobar Inc, is offering an initial coin offering (ICO) which has been divided into three separate token sales.

Diet Bitcoin Chart

During the ICO, Escobar Inc will be offering a total of 1,000,000 DDX which will be split into the three sales. During the first sale, Escobar Inc is offering 300,000 DDX priced at $50 per coin. In the second round, another 300,000 DDX will be up for grabs at $100 per coin and the final sale will offer the remaining 400,000 DDX which will be priced at $1,000 per coin.

Escobar Inc’s COO Daniel Reitberg in a statement said:

“Everyone should listen to these news, go to and buy as many dietbitcoin’s as you can afford. The value will be very high as we are identical in numbers to Bitcoin, except we are 4000 times cheaper right now.

While CEO Olof Gustafsson was quoted saying:

“Why would anyone on the planet buy bitcoin or any other cryotocurrencywhere there is no real team behind it. We at Escobar Inc are committed to support the cryptocurrency dietbitcoin fully and are managing the day-to-day operations of this new currency.”

Along with the new cryptocurrency, Roberto Escobar has released a book titled “Pablo Escobar’s Diet Bitcoin” which reveals the story behind the launch of the coin. The book has been made available on Amazon, priced at $8. If you’re interested in purchasing Diet Bitcoin, you can head on to the official website here.

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