Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Hornsent Grandam Quest Walkthrough

In Short
  • The Elden Ring Hornsent Grandam questline has two phases where you must defeat two bosses.
  • Once you meet and talk with Hornsent Grandam, you must defeat the Divine Beast Dancing Lion and use their head to progress.
  • Then, you must defeat Messmer the Impaler to finish the quest line and get the Gourmet Scorpion Stew as a reward.

Besides all the amazing new weapons, armor, talismans, and of course the story, the beauty of the Elden Ring DLC lies in its NPC side-stories. Shadow of the Erdtree features some amazing new NPC stories one of which is the Honsent Grandam. You will find this NPC inside the Belurat Tower Legacy Dungeon and completing her quest line has some quirks. Fortunately, after scouring the Elden Ring DLC with my colleague, I decided to sit down and create an Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Hornsent Grandam walkthrough. in the Elden Ring DLC. Here are the steps to take!

Elden Ring Hornsent Grandam Location

Let’s first track the NPC down to start our Hornsent Grandam Shadow of the Erdtree storyline. Hornsent stays in the Belurat Tower in a room beside the Small Private Area Site of Grace. The door will be locked, and you must unlock it to access the NPC. Here’s how to do so:

  • Begin at the Belurat Tower Settlement Site of Grace. From here, head straight up the stairs and kill the enemies around.
  • Now, take the stairs on the right and hike a left towards a long pathway. Watch out for enemies here too.
  • Right at the end of the pathway, take a left through an arch. Climb up the stairs and activate the Private Altar Site of Grace.
  • Right from this Site of Grace, go straight through the arch and take a left to come out at a balcony. The door to the room of Hornsent Grandam is locked at the end of this balcony.
  • Go Straight up the stairs to come out at a small area
  • Take a right and run all the way at the end of the pathway
  • Run all the way at the end of this pathway, getting you one step closer to Hornsent Grandam in Elden Ring
  • Take a left through the arch and activate the site of grace inside
  • Take a left to exit on a balcony and find the room of Hornsent Grandam in Elden Ring
  • The door is at the end of the balcony, on the left

It is time to unlock this door and officially start this quest.

Hornsent Grandam’s Room Key Location

Fortunately, the key to the room also exists right here at Belurat Tower, and it is nearby and easy to get. Here’s how you get the key for the door:

  • From the Private Altar Site of Grace, instead of going to the left towards the balcony, take a right and go outside to an area with broken houses and roofs.
  • Ignore the strong enemy walking outside and jump on one of the roofs. Then, drop down to the left and take another left forward. Refer to the image below for reference.
  • Subdue all the enemies around this place and take a right through an archway. Climb the stairs and interact with the dead body to find the key.
  • Jump on top of the roof to progress and get the key
  • Jump down from the roof and take a left
  • Take a left and enter the arch entrance at the right
  • Enter the arch and get on the ladder
  • Gain the storehouse key from the dead body marked

Return to the locked door to interact and unlock it. You’ll find Hornsent Grandam sitting inside. She’ll be hostile towards you when you talk with her, where she curses Mesmer and you, the player.

Defeat the Divine Beast Dancing Lion

Divine Beast Dancing Lion

With Hornsent Grandam talking, it is time to start progressing the Elden Ring Erdtree questline. To finish the first part, you’ll have to defeat the first central boss of the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree named Divine Beast Dancing Lion. You’ll find the boss at the top of the Belurat Tower. It’s not hard to see it, as this area is very linear.

Divine Beast Dancing Lion is a relatively easy fight. However, his elemental changes per phase can be overwhelming. Hence, don’t be shy of using spirit ash or summoning Redmane Freyja, one of the new NPCs you meet at the Three-Cross Site of Grace. Thankfully, it’s easy to learn how to defeat the divine beast dancing lion.

Once you defeat the boss, you’ll receive Divine Beast Head. Once you have that, return to Hornsent Grandam and wear this headgear before talking with her.

Doing so will progress the quest line, where she requests you to defeat Mesmer. She also gives you a magic called Watchful Spirit.

Defeat Messmer the Impaler

Messmer the Impaler from Elden Ring
Image Credits: From Software/Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

The second half of the quest line requires you to progress to the late game and fight Messmer the Impaler. You can learn how to find Messmer Shadowkeep, Storehouse Specimen, and he’s pretty tricky.

It makes sense since he is marketed heavily throughout the DLC promotion. It’s easy to learn how to defeat Messmer in Elden Ring. Once you defeat Messmer, you’ve progressed the questline to the second half of the game.

Elden Ring Hornsent Grandam Quest Rewards

Return to Hornsent Grandam’s room at Belurat Tower and talk with her. She’ll thank you for defeating Messmer and reward you with Gourmet Scorpion Stew as a reward for Elden Ring Hornsent Grandam quest. It is a consumable item that gradually replenishes much HP while boosting your physical damage negation.

And that’s how you finish the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Hornsent Grandam quest. I hope with this you complete the questline and get some much-needed help.

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