How to Find Messmer the Impaler in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

In Short
  • Messmer the Impaler is located in the Shadow Keep on Scadu Altus. The path to his chambers is very tricky to find.
  • He can be found in his chambers, located at one of the top floors at Specimen Storehouse in Shadow Keep.
  • To reach Messmer, you need to reach the Specimen Storehouse back section and then use the lever to create a path to the boss chamber.

Messmer the Impaler is one of the main bosses in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. The entire marketing of the DLC was done on Messmer’s shoulder, and the boss fight is worth every bit of it. However, finding Messmer in Elden Ring is quite tricky. Players must take a completely different route to reach Messmer’s chamber and fight him. So if you’re someone looking on how to defeat Messmer, begin by finding him right here!

Find Messmer the Impaler: Path to Shadow Keep Church District

Follow the steps below to learn how to find the Shadow Keep Church District.

Shadow Keep Church District from Moorth Ruins
  • After defeating the Golden Hippopotamus in the Shadowkeep entrance, you will need to turn around and head to the Moorth Ruins in Scadu Altus.
  • From the Moorth Ruins Sight of Grace, head east until you see a building with a tall tower-like structure half submerged in the ground.
  • Run past the left side of the above building and drop down the cliff to find the underground passage.
  • Continue traveling through the passage until you reach the Bonny Village site of grace.
Bridge In Bonney Village
  • Now travel over the two bridges on the east and start heading North to the Church District Highroad Site of Grace.
  • From there, head northwest along the path until you see a tunnel. Enter the tunnel and keep traveling until you reach the Church District Entrance site of Grace.

However, we are far from done since we now need to find the storehouse. Keep reading to learn how to do so.

Find Messmer the Impaler: Path to the Storehouse, Back Section Site of Grace

Jump on roofs in the Church District Shadow Keep
  • From the Church District Entrance Site of Grace, head west and jump on the rooftops of the building. Use the far edges of the rooftops to safely jump to the next building.
  • After reaching the final building, head east past the Fireknight and jump on the connecting tower path.
  • Head south and you will find a broken rooftop. Drop down inside the building and drop down again at the southern side.
  • After dropping down, head right and enter the next room. Circle around the room to the right, past the Fireknight, and then head left until you reach the elevator.
  • Use the elevator to enter the Specimen Storehouse. Head left to reach the Storehouse, Back Section Site of Grace.

Find Messmer the Impaler: Path to Messmer’s Chambers

  • From the Storehouse, Back Section Site of Grace, head West until you reach a ladder. Climb the ladder to the top.
  • After reaching the top, head right and continue until you reach a balcony. Here you can also get the Fire Serpent incantation.
Specimen Storehouse Lever
  • Jump down the balcony and you will see a lever behind you. Use the lever to move the different specimens around the room.
  • Turn around and move to the newly placed column path after using the lever. Jump on the path and head up to the nearby specimen.
  • On the right of the specimen, you can jump on the monster’s tail. Run over the monster’s body and jump on the balcony in the West.
Door to Messmers Chamber
  • Head out through the archway and run up the stairs on the right. You will find two closed black doors on the left. Open them and head inside to find a statue of Marika.
  • Continue heading up the stairs, until you reach the Dark Chamber Entrance Site of Grace. Open the doors in front of you to enter Messmer’s chamber and fight him.

So, that’s it. Now you will be able to defeat Messmer the Impaler and get his kindling to burn the Sealing Tree and progress the main campaign. If you have any trouble following the above steps, ask us in the comment section and we will try to help you out.

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