Elden Ring Golden Scarab Location and Walkthrough

In Short
  • The Elden Ring Golden Scarab medallion helps gather runes, increasing rune drop per enemy kill by 20%.
  • To get this item, you travel to the abandoned tunnel, located east of the Smoldering Wall site of Grace, right below and across the ledge.
  • Once inside, you have to traverse the scarlet rot water, and enemies to reach the bosses Cleanrot Knights to receive the medallion.

Like many medallions in the game, the Golden Scarab in Elden Ring is one you should grab before progressing deep into the game. The scarab helps you level up in the game which is obviously important. So, if you want to get yourself the Golden Scarab medallion in Elden Ring, keep reading. Fortunately, I went through the toxic wastes of Caelid to track down this item, so you can reap the benefits. Let’s take a look.

How to Get the Elden Ring Golden Scarab

Now, you don’t get the Golden Scarab unless you’ve considerably progressed through the game. Of course, you can always reach the later parts like Caelid early on through various means. However, it is tough and frustrating to fight enemies over at Caelid because of their levels. Here’s how you get the Golden Scarab:

  • Head to Caelid. This portion is riddled with the Scarlet Rot, where General Radahn and Malenia had a decisive battle.
  • Spawn at the Smoldering Wall site of Grace, and head east. Reach the cliff pictured below and jump down on the dead tree using your horse. Maneuver yourself to enter the Abandoned Cave.
  • Before you proceed, ensure you have stocked up on Persevering Blouses. This cave is filled with Scarlet Swamp, and you’ll die from Scarlet Rot build-up before even getting the Golden Scarab.
  • Head to the abandoned cave to get the item
  • Spawn your horse in Elden Ring and head east to access the cave and get Golden Scarab
  • Jump on the tree marked and then go inside the cave to get Golden Scarab in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Golden Scarab Cleanrot Knight Walkthrough

Before we get our hands on the golden scarab, it’s time I give you a quick rundown of how to traverse the abandoned cave. After all, this cave is considerably annoying to explore, unless you have Persvering Blouses. Once you have crafted/acquired the item, follow these steps:

  • Jump down the site of grace ledge from the left corner and head straight to the statue in the middle. If you’ve gotten yourself Scarlet Rot from the Geyser and the swamp, eat a persevering Blouses.
  • From the statue, go left, and interact with the summoning pool. Now head straight to come outside at another ledge. Jump down from the right corner and head through the dark cave. There will be few enemies in your path. Take care of them.
  • Once you are outside in a large room with a flower, turn right immediately and run inside a cave. You can take care of enemies here if you want. But if you ignore them, they won’t follow you.
  • At the end of the cave lies the boss Cleanrot Knight. Right in front of the entrance lies a Scarlet Rot water. It is now time to fight the Knight!
  • While fighting with the Spear Cleanrot Knigth, a Sickle Cleanrot Knight will also appear. Kill them using any means, and you’ll get rewarded with the Golden Scarab medallion.
  • Jump from the ledge to the lake of rot and head to the statue seen straight.
  • Reach this statue and use persevering blouses and health vials to refill your health and continue towards the Golden Scarab in Elden Ring
  • At the statue, heal yourself and take a left. Continue down the path till you reach another room with ledge
  • Jump from the ledge again and go through the tunnel marked to reach another large room
  • Go through the marked area to enter a tunnel and continue till the boss-room
  • Above the ledge, go through this cave to continue to the boss
  • Defeat the cleanrot knightt bosses. Avoid the scarlet water to not die from scarlet rot build-up
  • The Golden Scarab in Elden Ring is received after defeating the bosses

What Does the Golden Scarab Do?

Golden Scarab is one of the many medallions in the Elden Ring. The medallion looks like a scarab painted in gold, holding what looks like a rune. If you equip it, your rune acquisition will increase by 20% in-game. So, every time you kill an enemy, you’ll get 20% more runes to level up. This also includes using rune shards.

The Golden Scarab medallion helps a lot if you are rune-farming. Eating a Fowl Foot and using Golden Scarab ensures you acquire around 50% more runes per kill. This medallion also helps if you are rune farming in the Elden Ring.

So, did you manage to get the Golden Ring golden scarab medallion? How was your experience in getting it? Let us know in the comments below.

Can you get Golden Scarab in Elden Ring through other methods?

No. Only the Cleanrot Knights in the abandoned cave drop the Golden Scarab in-game.

Is the Golden Scarab medallion good?

It boils down to your preference but consider this. Would you rather have a standard rune drop rate or a 20% increased rune drop rate? If you want to level up a little bit quicker by gathering a slightly larger amount of runes, then equipping this medallion is a good idea.

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