Big Dragon’s Dogma 2 Patch Finally Lets You Start a New Game

Dragon's Dogma 2 Cover for offline mode
Image Courtesy: Capcom
In Short
  • The first Dragon's Dogma 2 patch for PC and PlayStation 5 adds the option to start a new game.
  • On PC, it adds new improvements for DLSS Super Resolution, helping to improve performance. On the console, you can turn off motion blur and ray tracing and lock FPS to 30.
  • Finally, the new patch increases the number of Art of Metamorphosis by 99 units.

While Dragon’s Dogma 2 was loved by many, it was plagued with many problems at launch. These included a myriad of performance issues and even surprise microtransactions. A big problem, however, was the inability to start a new game with already existing save data. Capcom had already promised a patch to fix these issues. Thankfully, Dragon’s Dogma 2 has received its first big patch, and it comes with some solutions that you were all wishing for.

The 1.6GB patch (on PC) adds many small and subtle changes that further enhance the game. One prominent addition is the ability to start a new game with existing saved data. Previously, you couldn’t start a brand-new game with a new character at launch.

However, this patch finally gives you the option to do that. The patch also improves the quality of DLSS Super Resolution, so it should now make the game run smoother if you have an NVIDIA GPU. The patch has also changed the number of Art of Metamorphosis to 99 at Pawn Guilds.

The PlayStation 5 version also received some performance-improving additions. One of the biggest changes is that players can finally cap the Frame Rate at Max 30fps. A new setting to switch Ray Tracing on/off has also been added. You can also now turn off motion blur in the settings.

Patches to the Xbox Series X/S have been delayed for now. Capcom says they are planned for ‘the next few days.’

It is good to see Capcom listening to the community and fixing these long-hated issues. Hopefully, we will finally have a well-working game. Let us know your thoughts on the new patch in the comments below.

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