Does Big Man Die in Sweet Tooth Season 3? Explained

Jepp is one of the prominent characters of Sweet Tooth. After Richard’s untimely death, he took care of Gus. He protected the boy from every bad guy since the very beginning and even stayed there when no one did. However, the concluding moments featured some events that make us wonder if the big man died at the end of Sweet Tooth Season 3.

Big Man’s Death in Sweet Tooth Remains Mystery

Gus and Jepp from Sweet Tooth
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We do not get to see what exactly happens to Jepp after the last teary conversation between him and his favorite hybrid boy, Gus. However, we see him getting stabbed by Helen Zhang in the cave. Even though it isn’t clear what happened to him, it’s sort of hinted in Gus’ vision that the Big Guy survived the whole ordeal.

In Gus’ vision of a perfect future, we see Gus, Wendy, and Becky heading to Yellowstone to unite with other Hybrids, but we don’t see Jepp along with them at first. However, when Jepp asks if he survives in this future, we see Gus and Jepp drinking the maple syrup in the same vision. So, if we consider Gus’ vision a reality, it’s safe to say that Jepp survives.

Simultaneously, there’s another possibility that Big Man does not survive the attack and takes his last breath in Alaska. The big man was a former footballer who lost his wife and newborn by making a wrong decision, so he at least gets to spend his last hour with the kid he loves the most, after his family.

Now, one might wonder if Big Man actually died, why did we see him in Gus’ vision? Well, even though Gus has led a difficult life, we can’t forget that he is still a kid. He lost everyone he loved, so there’s a possibility that the vision we see isn’t the future and is, in fact, Gus’s imagination of a perfect world. And when imagining a perfect world, Gus would obviously include Jepp, the man who fought the world to protect him.

Perfect Ending for Jepp

Jepp from Sweet Tooth
Image Courtesy: IMDb

Jepp’s wife Louisa gets pregnant after the Crumble takes place, but when he takes his wife to the hospital for delivery, he expects to meet a normal human child. However, when Louisa gives birth to a hybrid kid, Jepp gets scared and rushes to the elevator. There, he meets Dr. Singh, who convinces him to go back to his family. Sadly, after going back, Jepp can’t find them, and he joins the Last Men so that they help him reunite with his wife and son. Until Gus came into his life, he was living a life full of bloodshed. He had to kill many hybrids to survive the peril.

Jepp always felt guilt for the bad stuff he thought he had to do, and the universe allowed him to redeem himself in the form of Gus. Jepp puts his life on the line to protect the kid, a thing he couldn’t do for his own child and wife. So, even if Jepp died in Sweet Tooth, there couldn’t be a better ending for him.

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