Discord App for Android & iOS Gets Major Overhaul

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In Short
  • The Discord app has received a significant overhaul for iOS & Android devices.
  • Discord App for mobile has become faster - less time needed for loading, and better stability.
  • UI improvements have happened to voice chats, messages, group DMs, and more.

Discord no matter on the web or mobile, has consistently remained one of the most popular gaming and community platforms. However, a lot of gamers have used it on the latter to keep their party chats handy. Well, it looks like the mobile experience is about to get even better as the Discord app has received a major overhaul that brings a chock-full of changes together.

Announced and revealed very recently, the latest update for the Discord mobile app is bringing a lot of long-awaited features. Plus, it has a brand-new look, UI optimizations, improved search, and more. After all these years (first released in 2015) it’s finally getting good.

One of the biggest changes in Discord is that the user interface has been revamped for various aspects of the mobile app. The app has now been divided into multiple tabs to keep a handy track of Servers, Messages, Notifications, and Profiles.

Discord mobile app

There is now a new voice & video, and the UI here is now much better, aimed to ‘make the space cozier for you and your friends.’ The ‘Active Now‘ section moved up to the top to show you what your friends are currently doing.

The search also gets better with the new Discord app update, as it will now be lightning-fast. Now, users can look for their ‘User Messages‘ & ‘Server Messages‘ independently, with the new UI separating these two into different tabs.

discord mobile app updated
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Speaking more of the enhanced search features, Discord for mobile is bringing the enhanced search for finding people, links, media content, and any direct message you receive an easier & faster process. Moreover, Discord for mobile even allows you to search the settings tab – so instead of looking in the settings for what you need, you can search for it.

Discord is also adding ‘Hello Voice‘ messages to its mobile app. You can now tap the button, hold it to keep recording, and then release it to send instant voice messages to your Discord conversations. The media-sharing aspects have improved, too.

You can send high-quality images/videos (up to 25MB) on Discord. Through this update, even more media files can be selected at once, than what was previously allowed.

discord app for mobile new features

Discord for mobile is now simply faster, too. This overhaul makes the app-opening time 55% less for Android and 43% less for iOS. The stability is also much better now. Message caching refers to how many messages are stored on your device. With the new update, this has evolved to support up to 700 messages now.

Overall, the mobile app has received a very big update; honestly, this was a long time coming. At some point, it felt like the developers were ignoring the mobile version of their application. The new Discord app has started to roll out for iOS and Android devices, and you should receive it soon.

What are your thoughts on the updated Discord for mobile app? What was your favorite feature in this brand-new update? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Autistic Anon says:

    There’s no improvements at all. It’s an accessibility nightmare. Those with vision impairments are getting migraines and blurring the white text from the dark mode’s new color, the UI is overwhelming and difficult to navigate for autistics (like myself), the UO has broken screen readers— shall I keep going on with the list? Discord devs claim it’s more accessibility friendly when it’s the complete opposite! It’s practically unusable to the disability community!

  • eric says:

    Improvements? All I’ve seen from users are complaints so far. Do you people even talk to users before writing?

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