Digital Wellbeing Update Brings ‘Focus Mode’, ‘Family Link’ to Non-Android 10 Devices

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Google’s much-loved Digital Wellbeing app has received an update that brings a couple of native Android 10 features to devices running older versions of the OS. The latest beta version the Digital Wellbeing app on the Play Store now comes with the Family Link and Focus Mode features that can now be accessed from the device settings. You can check out the features by enrolling for the beta program of Digital Wellbeing, you can do so through this link.

In case you don’t know it already, Focus Mode is one of the cool new features incorporated into Digital Wellbeing with Android 10 as part of its efforts to help users take control over their smartphone usage in a more effective manner. The feature temporarily disables apps specified by the user to help them get things done without getting distracted by notifications, etc. You can learn about how to enable it in your Android 10 device by having a look at this article.

The other feature, Family Link, started off as a separate app that Google introduced as a way to make it a bit easier for concerned parents and guardians to keep an eye on the online activity of their kids and set rules related to their phone usage. Aside from allowing parents to keep an eye on their children’s online activity, the Family Link app will also let them enforce certain rules for the amount of time their children spend on their smartphones and the kind of apps they can download on their device.

VIA Nokia Power User
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