Demon Slayer Infinity Castle Movie Trilogy Announced

Demon Slayer Infinity Movie Trilogy Announced
Image Courtesy: Ufotable

The much-awaited Demon Slayer Season 4 finale has finally arrived, and it was everything that we expected. Even though most of the season was light-hearted and featured Tanjiro training under the Hashiras in Demon Slayer, the finale was action-packed. We got to see Muzan making an awesome entry into the Ubayashiki mansion and talking to the Demon Slayer Corps lead. If the events weren’t surprising enough, Ufotable astonished fans with the announcement of the “Demon Slayer Infinity Castle” movie.

Demon Slayer Infinity Castle Movies Coming Soon

Following the Demon Slayer Season 4 finale episode, every fan awaited the renewal announcement of Season 5. However, Ufotable instantly confirmed a Movie trilogy after airing the fantastic finale.

As per the announcement, the upcoming movie trilogy is titled “Infinity Castle” globally. In the manga, this is the final arc that ends the years-long war between Demon Slayers and Demon Lord Muzan. So, you could say that our beloved Demon Slayer anime will come to an end after this movie trilogy.

Previously, there was a rumor stating that Ufotable plans on ending the Demon Slayer series with a movie trilogy. At that time, this leak seemed a fluke, but now we know that it wasn’t. The animation studio has confirmed the rumor after making the official announcement.

Crunchyroll and Sony Entertainment have taken the responsibility of distributing all three movies in worldwide theaters, excluding Japan and some selected Asian countries.

The Hashiras Training arc in the anime was calm before the storm, and Infinity Castle will feature the final confrontation between Demon Slayers and Muzan’s army. So, we’ll be seeing a lot of major deaths (teasing you with some spoilers) in the upcoming movies. However, we don’t know how long fans will have to wait to experience the three movies.

If the previous release record is taken into account, and Ufotable Studios takes a year-long break between each movie, the anime will end sometime in 2027.

That being said, we can’t be sure about the release dates until we have an official announcement. So, take this prediction with a grain of salt, as there’s a chance that the studio will deliver these movies without being absent for too long.

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