Dell Shows off ‘Concept Luna’ Laptop That Can Be Easily Repaired

Dell Concept Luna feat.

As we move towards a sustainable future, tech companies are trying to cut down their carbon footprint in the environment by reducing e-waste emissions and using reusable and recyclable materials for their products. Amongst others, Dell is one of the leading laptop brands that aim to drastically reduce the carbon footprint of their products and achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in the coming years. So now, the US-based company has revealed a new design concept for a laptop that uses sustainable components and can be easily repaired by users using spare parts.

Dell Concept Luna: A Sustainable Laptop for the Future

Dubbed as Concept Luna, the proof-of-concept laptop has been developed by the design team at Dell in collaboration with Intel. In a recent blog post, Dell detailed the laptop and highlighted the revolutionary design ideas that could drastically increase the longevity of the device’s life cycle and allow recyclers to easily disassemble it for reusability.

“Concept Luna explores revolutionary design ideas to make components immediately accessible, replaceable and reusable—reducing resource use and keeping even more circular materials in the economy,” wrote Dell’s CTO, Glen Robson. “It was created to test what could be possible, not to be manufactured and sold. But if all the design ideas in Concept Luna were realized, we could expect to see an estimated 50% reduction in overall product carbon footprint,” he further added.

So, Dell’s Concept Luna brings various design changes, both in the components department as well as the physical form factor, to make the laptop sustainable and easily repairable. For starters, the Dell Concept Luna laptop features an aluminum chassis that is smelted using hydropower energy.

Furthermore, the laptop has been designed with fewer screws and adhesive to help users easily disassemble the device for repairs. For instance, both the screen and the keyboard of the laptop can be easily taken apart by popping off the pair of keystones holding them in place. Plus, the laptop comes with a fan-less design as it uses a 75% smaller motherboard, placed at the top cover, to passively cool itself.

Dell Shows off a Proof-of-Concept Laptop "Concept Luna" That Can Be Easily Repaired

Now, although a shrunk-down motherboard could drastically reduce the amount of carbon footprint of the laptop, it could have less room for individual components and sockets. While all-in-one chipsets like the Apple M1 SoCs include the CPU, GPU, and the RAM on a single board, repair experts say it could have a “devastating” impact on the repairability of the devices as users cannot easily upgrade the storage of these devices.

Citing this issue, Dell reportedly told The Verge that the Concept Luna motherboard “doesn’t have any more soldered on or integrated components than a typical laptop we sell today.” However, if that changes once the laptop becomes a reality, it could reduce the longevity of the device.

Apart from these, as the Dell Concept Luna laptop is designed to be long-lived and easily repairable, Dell says that it is currently working to expand its spare parts availability on online platforms to help users easily acquire components like screens and keyboards. You can check out an official promo video by Dell, showcasing the Concept Luna laptop and all its features, attached right below.

Now, coming to the availability of the Concept Luna designs in commercial laptop devices, Dell’s design strategist Drew Tosh says that the company still needs some time to validate the reliability of the design concepts. Nonetheless, Tosh expects most of these designs to be implemented in commercial laptops by 2030.

So, what do you think about Dell’s Concept Luna laptop? Do you think it would drive other companies in the industry to manufacture more sustainable PC and laptop devices in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and stay tuned for more interesting stories like this one.

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