This Customizable Laptop Lets Users Replace and Upgrade Almost Every Component

Framework laptop with customizable components

Electronic devices, especially smartphones and laptops, eventually become outdated, slow, and inoperable. And as users cannot replace the components of the devices, such as the CPU, GPU, or storage, they have to buy the next-gen product and toss the old one in the attic. A San Francisco-based startup, however, aims to change this practice, at least for laptop users, by offering a truly customizable laptop.

Customized for the Users, by the Users

Framework is a small startup that operates from San Francisco and is working to deliver customizable electronic devices. The company, to give users the freedom of upgradability in their laptops, has recently come up with its Framework Laptop. It is a unique device that allows users to easily replace and upgrade almost all of the components inside as well as on the outside.

Framework Laptop: Base Specs

Now, apart from all the customizability options (mentioned below), the basic Framework Laptop is powered by the latest 11th-Gen Intel Core processors. It will come with up to 64GB of RAM and support for up to 4TB of storage. The screen is a 13.5-inch 3:2 display with a resolution of 2256 x 1504. Moreover, instead of the low-quality 720p selfie cameras in most of the devices, Framework installed a 1080p front camera with support for recording at 60FPS.

Framework has made the laptop in two editions – a pre-built and assembled Framework Laptop with the option of upgrading the components in the future and a DIY edition which users have to assemble from scratch with the provided components. If users choose to get the pre-built model, it will come with Windows 10 Pro or Home. However, if tinkerers and modders like us get the DIY edition, we will get the option of choosing Windows 10 or a distribution of Linux. A screwdriver is also included in both editions.

Expansion Cards

Coming to the customizability options, the Framework Laptop comes with the choice to mix and match your ports using “expansion cards”. These expansion cards are essentially small port modules that you can slide in or out of the port bays on both sides of the device. There are expansion cards for a USB-C port, USB-A port, HDMI port, display port, a microSD card slot, and even high-speed storage options. Moreover, the company aims to bring more such modules for the laptop in the future.

Framework laptop with customizable components

Socketed Internal Components

On the flip side (literally), users can remove the back panel of the laptop to access the internals. On the inside, each of the components like the memory cards, Wi-Fi card, and even the main motherboard are socketed rather than soldered. As a result, users will be easily able to unscrew the sockets, take out the old component, and replace them with newer ones from the market. Apart from the main CPU and GPU, the company says that the high-use parts such as the battery, screen, and keyboard are also swappable. Each component has a QR code which leads the users to the company’s official guides and product listings.

Framework laptop with customizable components

Physically Customizable

Apart from the internals, users will also be able to change the physical look of the Framework Laptop. The laptop, as per Framework’s claims, will allow users to change the keyboard language and layout by replacing it with another compatible keyboard for the device. Moreover, there are colorful bezels that magnetically attach to the 13.5-inch screen of the laptop.

Framework laptop with customizable components

The company, founded by a former Oculus employee named Nirav Patel, says that it aims to create an ecosystem of customizable components going into the future. With these components, users will be able to upgrade their Framework Laptops in the future.

Moreover, the company mentions that as the Framework Laptop is completely customizable, it will reduce the generation of e-waste by many folds. And that too, without removing any component from the box.

Price and Availability

Now, if you are thinking of getting the device right now, then I am sure you will be disappointed after reading that it is not available to buy, as of now. In fact, the company did not even reveal the price of the Framework Laptop. It said that it will gradually reveal more information about the device’s price, full specs, and the shipping date “in the next weeks”.

Nonetheless, you can check out the Framework Laptop on the company’s official website right now.

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