Daler Mehendi Becomes the First Indian to Buy Land in the Metaverse; Calls It "Balle Balle Land"

Daler Mehendi Becomes the First Indian to Buy Land in the Metaverse; Calls It “Balle Balle Land”

Daler Mehendi Becomes the First Indian to Buy Land in the Metaverse; Calls It "Balle Balle Land"

The metaverse hype is real and people are going crazy about it. Banking on this hype, the popular Indian singer Daler Mehendi recently bought a piece of land in the metaverse and has named it Balle Balle Land! Well, it is what it is but this purchase made Mehendi the first Indian to own property in the metaverse. Check out the details of this interesting story below.

Daler Mehendi Unveils “Balle Balle Land” in the Metaverse

Daler Mehendi inaugurated Balle Balle Land or BBL, which is a virtual property on the made-in-India metaverse platform PartyNite, for fans on the cultural event of Holi. The singer also became the first Indian to perform in a metaverse concert before making the purchase. However, with the purchase of the BBL, Mehendi becomes the first Indian to invest in virtual property.

He has been sharing many updates about BBL on his official Instagram handle. In fact, his Instagram bio now reads: “First Metaverse Man, Owner of Balle Balle Land.” You can check out one of his latest posts, which shows the singer exploring various parts of BBL. You can also watch him do the signature “balle balle” steps in different parts of the land.

During the inauguration ceremony, Mehendi unveiled BBL in a dramatic, “larger-than-life” way. The land has various activity areas, streams of water, and bridges surrounding a massive gold statue of the singer himself. Mehendi was also seen handing out passport NFTs to attendees to onboard them to BBL and confirmed that his official merch store in the metaverse will start selling NFTs soon. It will make allow visitors to purchase digital collectibles and make the land more interactive for them.

“We want to grow a community of musicians and integrate as much as possible with the physical world. It is an ever-expanding space and there is a huge scope for innovation,” said Rajat Ojha, the creator of PartyNite while speaking about the purchase.

“Yes, technology adoption is always slow during the formative years but once it takes off it will make history and Daler Mehndi will be remembered as the frontrunner in this space in India. We welcome him wholeheartedly to the PartyNite family,” Ojha further added.

You can currently reserve your slot for the next event on Balle Balle Land via PartyNite’s official website. Also, let us know your thoughts about BBL in the comments below. And if you want to learn how to purchase your own virtual land in the metaverse, go check out our in-depth story via the corresponding link.


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