Daeron Targaryen Actor Name Revealed for House of the Dragon Season 2

Daeron Targaryen is the youngest son of King Viserys Targaryen and Queen Alicent Hightower. Despite having a major role in the storyline, he hasn’t had the chance to debut in House of the Dragon so far. However, recently, we learned who will play Daeron Targaryen in the show. So, let’s find out who will be portraying the role of the gorgeous Targaryen prince in the TV Show.

Sacha Vodegel Matzen Will Play the Role of Daeron Targaryen

Sacha Vodegel Matzen
Image Courtesy: IMDb

Daeron Targaryen will be portrayed by the young actor Sacha Vodegel Matzen, as indicated on the cast listing on IMDb. The Targaryen Civil War commenced with the Battle at Rook’s Rest, and we have already seen some major characters, including Rhaenys Velaryon die.

Besides her, Aegon II, along with his dragon Sunfyre, receives severe injuries during the battle, but Aegon is not dead yet. Now, Greens and Blacks both have to play smartly and send their best combatants to the battlefield. So, Daeron Targaryen will make an entry to the show either in the fifth or the sixth episode, as suggested by the listing on IMDb.

This will be the debut series for the actor, so we cannot say anything about his performance. Still, it wouldn’t be unfair to say that HOTD has introduced us to the best set of actors so far, and the Daeron Targaryen actor won’t be any different for sure.

Despite being the most handsome and worthy individual, Daeron was always looked down on by his elder brothers. However, this didn’t stop him from fulfilling his responsibilities. Daeron has been sent to squire his uncle Ormund Hightower to Oldtown at a very young age, and that’s why he was missing from the first season of HOTD.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting his entry into the picture since the pilot season of the TV show hinted at him. Furthermore, as per the books, he is the most kind-hearted prince the Targaryens have ever produced, so we can say that, unlike his brothers, Daeron will genuinely win millions of hearts with his presence.

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