20 Cool Nova Launcher Themes That Look Amazing

If you are an Android user using Nova Launcher, you might have heard people talking about Nova launcher themes or setups. However, you might have noticed that Nova Launcher (and its Prime version) lack any “Themes” feature. That is disappointing really because various other launchers include themeing options or a theme store but the good news is, you can create your own themes with Nova Launcher. The thought that goes into creating a theme can be rather taxing & time-consuming though and thus, we decided to do the hard work for you. We played around with the best widgetswallpapersicon packs and of course, the various Nova Launcher settings and created 20 amazing Nova Launcher themes. So, here are the 10 cool Nova Launcher setups or themes to give your Android device an added personality:

Note: Some features and options are only available in Nova Launcher Prime ($4.99). Also, we have mentioned the price if there’s a paid app you need for a certain theme. If you are a newbie when it comes to Nova Launcher themes, check out our post on how to create your own Nova Launcher theme

Our Best Nova Launcher Themes of 2020

1. Vibrant Theme

This theme is a culmination of patterned wallpaper and an excellent Aivy icon pack. The home screen looks visually appealing with a simple weather and clock widget on top. The best part about this theme is that Nova allows you to create a 3×3 desktop grid so you can create a minimal yet vibrant-looking home screen.

  • Wallpaper: Walli (High Ground by Elvis Flees)
  • Icons: Aivy
  • Widgets: Simple Weather Widget
  • Nova Settings: Search bar disabled, 3×3 Desktop Grid, Open app drawer by the swipe-up gesture

4. Vibrant Theme

2. Light Theme

No matter how great dark theme is, we have a soft spot for light theme too and that’s why we bring you the best light theme on Nova launcher. In this theme, I have used an Orange Bubble wallpaper from Wallhub and the popular Calendar Widget by Francisco Franco. Overall, the home screen and flat search bar look stunning and minimal.

  • Wallpaper: WallHub (OrangeBubble by Binod Ray)
  • Icons: Enix
  • Widgets: Calendar Widget, Google ‘At a Glance’ widget
  • Nova Settings: Search bar below the dock, Flat Search Bar with Google Assistant, Background Transparency 0%, Look and Feel Light, Dark Icons disabled

3. Light Theme

3. Abstract Theme

Linebit is an awesome icon pack having linear gradients in a range of designs and colors. So we needed a similar wallpaper and we got it from another great app, Resplash. In neon lights wallpaper along with Linebit, the home screen looks abstract and futuristic at the same time. Do try this theme on Nova launcher.

  • Wallpaper: Resplash (Neon lights by Michael Aleo)
  • Icons: Linebit
  • Widgets: Stock Analogue Clock
  • Nova Settings: Search bar above icons, Search Bar with Google Assistant, Background Transparency 0%

2. Abstract Theme

4. Modern Theme

This theme is for those users who want a minimal look, but also want some modern elements with abstract art in the background. Besides that, a classic widget looks beautiful on the home screen. We have used Walli for wallpaper and the Minma icon pack on top of Nova launcher.

  • Wallpaper: Walli (Shards by cafelab)
  • Icons: Minma
  • Widgets: Minimalistic Text
  • Nova Settings: Transparent widget, Dark Search bar above icons, 135% icon size

6. Modern Theme

5. Far Out Theme

Do you like groovy wallpapers that go along with the icon pack perfectly? Then use this Far Out theme on Nova Launcher. We have applied a wallpaper from Backdrops and used the hugely popular AfterGlow icon pack to give a radiance appearance.

  • Wallpaper: Backdrops (Far Out by Kxnt)
  • Icons: AfterGlow
  • Widgets: AfterGlow Analog Clock
  • Nova Settings: Search bar placement below the dock, Adaptive Icons Squircle, Persistent Search Bar turned on, Transparent notification bar

1. Far Out Theme

6. Accented Dark Theme

All of us love dark theme so here we have used an accented dark wallpaper, along with the Gladient icon pack on Nova launcher. The icon pack is slightly muted and not the vibrant, but I love the flat look. The theme looks very much like iOS.

  • Wallpaper: Walpy (by Jason Dent)
  • Icons: Gladient
  • Widgets: Spotify Widget
  • Nova Settings: Night mode activated, Horizontal app drawer, Icon size 130%, Padding around icons increased.

5. Accented Dark Theme

7. Flat Colorful Theme

If you are looking for a Nova Launcher theme with flat icons and a colorful wallpaper, this is the one for you.

  • Wallpaper: Tapet
  • Icons: Glim Icon Pack
  • Widgets: KWGT Widget
  • Nova Settings: Icon Size Desktop & Dock (110%), Folder Preview (Stack), Desktop Scroll Effect (Swipe), Animation (Relaxed).

1. Flat Colorful Theme

8. Material Design Theme

Love Google’s Material Design UI language on stock Android? Then, you should check out this Material Design Nova Launcher theme. We used a Material wallpaper and icons from Polycon bring a nice little twist to Google’s icons.

2. Material Design Theme

9. Dark Theme

Not everyone is a fan of bright colors used in Android and if you are one of those, you are going to surely appreciate the Dark theme. The Dark theme is not only dark on the homescreen but also in the app drawer and other pages, thanks to Nova’s night mode.

3. Dark Theme

10. Colorful Theme

Like bright colors splashed all across your Android homescreen? If yes, the Colorful theme should surely make sure that your device’s display looks beautiful.

  • Wallpaper: Backgrounds HD (Aotaro Sharp Colored Pencils)
  • Icons: Rondo Icon Pack
  • Widgets: Rondo Clock, 1Weather
  • Nova Settings: Icon Size Desktop & Dock (120%), Persistent Search Bar turned on, Search Bar (Bar Style 2, Logo Style 5), Page Indicator Color (Yellow), Folder Preview (Grid), Folder Background (Circle)

Colorful Nova Launcher Theme

11. Landscape Theme

The Landscape theme brings a gorgeous scenic look to your Android homescreen and it will make sure that you spend more time on your device’s homescreen.

Landscape Nova Launcher Theme

12. Android P Theme

While there are other ways to get the Android P look on any Android device, you can do so via our Android Pie Nova launcher theme too.

  • Wallpaper: Official Android Pie Wallpapers
  • Icons: Pixel Icon Pack
  • Widgets: Another Widget
  • Nova Settings: Icon Size Desktop & Dock (130%), Scroll Effect (Simple), Wallpaper Scrolling (None), Folder Preview (Grid), Folder Background (Android N Design), Persistent Search Bar turned on, Search Bar (Bar Style 1, Logo Style 1)

6. Android P Theme

13. Minimal Theme

The Minimal theme is aimed at people who like to keep things simple and clean. The theme brings all of that and looks beautiful too.

7. Minimal Theme

14. Nature Theme

How about unlocking your Android phone every day and getting a nice serene view of mother nature, sounds peaceful, right? Well, the nature theme should surely do it!

  • WallpaperBackgrounds HD (John Mcsporran Fulton’s Trees)
  • IconsElun Icon Pack ($0.99)
  • Widgets: Stock Clock
  • Nova Settings: App Drawer Background (Transparent), Hide Notification Bar

Nature Nova Launcher Theme

15. Iron Man Theme

The Iron Man theme is for all the comic book movie lovers who can’t get enough of their favorite heroes. Honestly, this is our favorite theme.

Iron Man Nova Launcher Theme

16. iOS 12 Theme

Love the simplicity of iOS but cannot compromise on the customization of Android? Well, then this theme that we created for Nova Launcher will serve you right. Unlock your phone and enjoy the iOS 12 looks on your Android device.

  • WallpaperWallpapers for iPhone
  • IconsiUX 12 – icon pack
  • Widgets: Stock Clock
  • Nova Settings: App Drawer Background (Transparent), Hide Notification Bar, Search Bar None,  Icon Size Desktop & Dock (100%)

1. iOS 12 Theme

17. Lines Theme

If you are looking for a minimalist theme for your Android device. The theme uses a line based icon pack along with simple wallpaper featuring color lines on black background. I love this theme and know that you will enjoy it too.

2. Lines Theme

18. Space Theme

Another favorite Nova Launcher theme of mine is based on space. If you love the space theme then you will enjoy this icon pack. The icon pack uses shaded circular icons which seems to be inspired from the rough surface of planets while the wallpaper shows a cool representation of colorful galaxy. To keep things clean, we are not using any widgets.

3. Space Theme

19. Retro Theme

No Nova Launcher theme list can be complete without a retro theme. I love the retro theme on my phone as it feels like the perfect amalgamation of past and future. If you love retro things, definitely check it out.

4. Retro Theme

20. Beebom Theme

We love the black and white look of our website and thus, we ended up creating a cool Beebom theme for us. Check it out:

  • Wallpaper: Beebom
  • Icons: Whicons
  • Widgets: Kustom ClocksShuttle (Transparent), 1Weather
  • Nova Settings: Icon Size Desktop & Dock (140%), Persistent Search Bar turned on, Search Bar (Bar Style 3, Logo Style 6), Wallpaper Scrolling (None), App Drawer Background (Transparent)

Beebom Nova Launcher Theme

Note: The themes where we haven’t mentioned the icon size or the scroll effect or any other option, we have left it at the default in Nova Launcher Settings. Also, in case you want to reset all the changes you’ve made in the Nova Settings, you can only do so by going to Settings->Apps->Nova Launcher->Storage and “Clear App Data”.

Try Out These Nova Launcher Themes

Well, these are some themes we created for you but you can surely take our template and add your own twist to it. Also, we would love to see the themes or Nova Launcher setups you have created. Do sound off in the comments section below with your favorite Nova Launcher themes. Also, if you have any doubts regarding the aforementioned Noav Launcher themes, let us know in the comments section below.

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