This Co-Op Horror Game Lets You Go Viral on SpookTube or Die Trying

In Short
  • Content Warning is a co-op horror where your ultimate goal is heading into the Old World and going viral.
  • The game houses a plethora of elements that take inspiration from games like Lethal Company and Phasmophobia.
  • Keep an eye on your O2 meter, Battery, and health while venturing into the depths of the Old World.

Let’s be honest, April Fools’ Day was already going great with all the Minecraft Potato and Valorant’s ability swap patch news. I was happy scrolling through the Internet and reading my fair share of online pranks. However, then I closed Chrome and opened up Steam. Gazing through the store, I chanced upon ‘Content Warning, ‘ a game that was supposed to be free for a day.

The trailer seemed so fun that I downloaded the 300 MB game without thinking. What followed can best be described as a collection of screams, horror, and found-footage fun. Did I like it? Let’s discuss that.

No Sacrifice, No Content

Content Warning at first glance seems like a simple game. The initial premise is simple: go to the Old World, capture something spooky, and upload it to Spooktube to go viral. Yes, before you ask it is a parody of that website and very much focused on the same thing.

So, when I first grabbed one of my friends, we had dreams of quickly going viral and earning some nice in-game profit. You gain profit from capturing these spooky adventures with your camera, but only if you survive in this place.

Content Warning Planning board
Image Courtesy: Landfall Publishing

Sounds easy right? Well, the Old World is not fun at all. We had enemies coming for our lives left, right, and center. Throughout our paranormal adventure, we had enough goosebumps to last a century. The game packs an amazing sound design that amplifies all footsteps like there was a giant walking around. And while the game’s art style is simple, it fits the setting like a glove.

My Audience Approves My Actions

Your Oxygen meter, battery, health, and everything else is on the line. So, while you’re busy just surviving, Content Warning’s enemies will be focused on consuming you. Thankfully, I had my fair share of profit due to my friend constantly getting devoured as I stood by and captured it all. Honestly, I think my Spooktube audience approved my actions.

Save Your Friend, Collect Revenue or Upgrade Equipment: Choices, Choices

The best part is that I got the choice to save my friend or run. While I would love to tell you that I’m a good friend, I closed the chamber door every time my bud was trying to run away from a monster. Luckily, he got revived in the hospital.

You even get bills for visiting the hospital. While the bills are zero for now, I wonder for how long? However, I did save my friend by solving a few puzzles from time to time.

Took Some Time to Not Sacrifice my Friend: Again!

Since the game is about going viral, your equipment naturally matters. While you can stay with your free yet dusty handheld, you can always upgrade your equipment from the shop. Just like any other viral content creator, you get more money from better-produced content.

Lights, Camera, Spooktube

Make sure you use that clipper in front of your camera before your friend gets gobbled by a giant spider. You can also get a better mic, lights, and other equipment—but only if you are rich enough.

Going Viral Goes Hand in Hand with Co-Op

While we struggled to go viral, the game kept reminding us that we didn’t have it in us. This pushed us to try harder to become famous Spooktubers. The good thing is that if you are unsuccessful in creating a name for yourself, the game will remind you it was all a bad dream, and you can start over. Unlike my unsuccessful real-life YouTube career, I fared a bit better here.

You Can Get Stuck with Not So Friendly Monsters

Besides all the scares, jumps, and difficulties, I absolutely loved the co-op gameplay in Content Warning. To me, the game ended up being a fun combination of Lethal Company’s social aspects infused with Phasmophobia. So while the character and world design stay on the Lethal Company’s side, the found-footage paranormal side of actions resemble Phasmophobia.

However, I would rate this game as a unique experience for uploading to the Spooktube concept. Hell, I have so many fans now (in the game, of course).

For me, Content Warning definitely strengthens my argument on why multiplayer games are fun again. So, if you always wanted to dive into a game that lets you go viral while being scared out of your wits, give Content Warning a try.

Already played the game? Share your experience in the comments below!

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