15 Companies Logo With Honest Slogans (Pics)

If companies had slogans based on how users see their products or services, It’d be so much fun. If you don’t believe me see the honest slogans of some of the most famous companies down below. So, let’s just begin with Internet’s biggest company Google itself.

1. Google Honest Slogan

15 Companies Logo With Honest Slogans (Pics)

2. YouTube Honest Slogan

3. Adobe Acrobat Honest Slogan

4. Apple iTunes Honest Slogan

5. Instagram Honest Slogan

6. Pepsi Honest Slogan

7. PayPal Honest Slogan

8. Apple Honest Slogan

9. MacDonald’s Honest Slogan

10. NSA Honest Slogan

11. The Onion Honest Slogan

12. Wikipedia Honest Slogan

13. Kickstarter Honest Slogan

14. LinkedIn Honest Slogan

15. BuzzFeed Honest Slogan (This one’s my favorite, saved it for last)

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  • ChristianReese says:

    Very nice. I actually thought these were real before I read the entire article.

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