Google Chrome Canary Gets a New Profile Picker

google chrome profile picker

If you’re someone who prefers using multiple profiles in Google Chrome, there’s good news. The company is working to add a new Profile picker interface that fires up when you open Chrome. This way, you can easily choose the profile you need, somewhat similar to Netflix’s profile picker implementation.

First spotted by Techdows, the feature currently exists behind Chrome flags in the latest Google Chrome Canary. With the new profile picker, you can choose the appropriate profile, create a new profile, or even browse as a guest.

To get started, you should enable two Chrome flags New profile picker and Sign in profile creation flow. Head to chrome://flags, enable these flags, and restart the browser. The feature is functional on Chrome Canary version 87.0.4246.0.

chrome profile picker flag

If you try creating a new profile after enabling these flags, the dedicated Profile creation window will appear. First up, you can choose to toggle sync options and then, you can assign a name to the profile. The usual option to add the profile as a desktop shortcut is retained as well.

chrome new profile creation UIWhile this Profile picker is not really a significant new feature, it improves the experience while using multiple profiles. With this approach, you can easily get right into the profile you need without any additional workarounds like pinning the shortcut to the taskbar or adding a desktop shortcut.

We could expect the feature to roll out to the stable builds of Google Chrome in future updates. I hope it makes its way to other Chromium-based browsers such as the new Microsoft Edge as well.

VIA Techdows
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